Christine MacKellar Jewelry

20 May

Christine MacKellar creates jewelry with layers of rich textures and an unusual twist to the two-tone idea made popular by jewelry designers like David Yurman and Steven Lagos. Her signature look combines gold and sterling silver in seamlessly fused jewelry. The gold flows through the sterling silver like a stream of hot lava.

jewelry techniques
Blossom Pendant
Small pendant hand-fabricated from 22k gold and sterling silver bimetals, freshwater pearls, and 18k gold, and suspended on an 18" sterling silver mesh chain.

Christine's key technique is fusing high karat gold to sterling silver. The pieces in her collection are totally hand-fabricated with no casting, says the designer, who describes herself as a metalsmith. The metals that make up the majority of her pieces are chosen primarily for the artistic effect of their colors. Polished silver is contrasted with matte and semi-matte surfaces that are highlighted by hand burnishing.

handcrafted jewelry pendant
Leaf Drop Pendant
Dramatic bimetal leaf on 18" snake chain, accented with 24k gold and a gray freshwater pearl. Available with sterling or oxidized silver.

Intricate patterns of high carat golds are created for each piece of jewelry. Aptly describing her work as a kaleidoscope, she aims to capture color, texture, and movement in each design. She textures the metal surfaces using hammers, punches, engraving tools, and a rolling mill. She describes her inspiration as often coming from nature and the effect of sunlight reflected on water.

precious metal jewelry
Long Leaf Pendant
Dramatic bimetal leaf on 18" cable made from strands of silver and 18k gold. Available with sterling or oxidized silver.

Her sculptural pieces are bold and contemporary. Gemstones and bimetal elements are used for contrast, adding to the infinite design possibilities. Bimetal is double-sided sheet metal, composed of two different types of metal that have been rolled and fused together. Among her favorite gems are those that offer movement and iridescence, such as cat's eye, moonstone, and boulder opals.

"I grew up on a large dairy farm in the midlands of England," she says. "A perfect preparation for working long hours without immediate gratification. I could never imagine working a 9-5 kind of job. I enjoy working for myself by myself."

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  1. astho January 29, 2010 at 1:25 pm #

    i like the long leaf pendant.. gorgeous design.. very nice work..

  2. Leeza May 26, 2008 at 12:50 am #

    Wao great images i really like these all if you want to buy and see more images so for this i suggest you jewelry stores.

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