Clogau Welsh Gold Jewelry

18 Feb

Handcrafted Welsh Gold Jewelry

Each piece of CLOGAU GOLD jewelry is beautifully handcrafted from solid materials and contains a touch of Welsh gold mined from the mountains of Snowdonia. The ancient history, mythology, and wonderful natural scenery of Wales provides the inspiration to create the most unique, stunning and collectible jewelry made from the rarest, most exclusive gold in the world – Welsh gold.

18k gold and diamond ring
18k Yellow & Rose Gold Anniversary Ring
This Majestic Queen Elizabeth Anniversary Ring features five claw-set, brilliant-cut diamonds set within an 18k rose gold lattice with scrolling ends. The design sits in a 18ct yellow gold shank with a satin background and polished raised edges.

Clogau gold has a distinctive rose tint when compared with gold extracted elsewhere. In Wales, the gold lies deep in the mountains, merging with seams of granite quartz and copper. It's the copper which gives Clogau gold its characteristic warm red luster. This gold is highly prized because of its origin and scarcity, and occurs naturally in two distinct areas of Wales.

rose gold bangle bracelet
9k Yellow & Rose Gold Ivy Pearl Bangle
The Ivy Pearl Bangle expresses the power and continuity of nature. A superb white freshwater pearl sits within a yellow gold bezel surrounded by Clogau's inimitable 'Tree of Life' design crafted in rose gold. This sleek bangle closes with a pleasing snap. With a touch of rare Welsh gold dug deep from the mountains of Snowdonia, the Tree of Life pearl bracelet carries the unique Clogau Gold and Welsh dragon marks.

Clogau Gold jewelry is of an original design and handcrafted to a high standard. The Clogau designers have a deep understanding of Welsh history, and this is realized in many Clogau collections with particular motifs and gem arrangements associated with Welsh legend. Many of their pieces feature a combination of yellow and rose gold.

gold leaf pendant
9k Yellow & Rose Gold Sessile Oak Pendant
A common sight along Welsh river valleys, the Sessile Oak is the national tree of Wales. The word sessile means without a stalk. The sessile oak is so named because of its stalkless acorns. The druids were particularly associated with oak trees. Crafted in yellow and rose gold, the Sessile Oak pendant features a charming acorn motif resting on a pair of oak leaves, hanging freely on a 45cm (18") yellow gold curb chain.

About Clogeau Gold
One spring morning in 1854, Mr. Goodman, the original director of the Clogau (pronounced clog-eye) copper mine, casually picked-up a piece of waste rock and broke it in two. As he expected, the cracked fragments showed no trace of copper. What he didn't expect was the glittering yellow metal that was revealed. From that day on, the abandoned copper mine was given a rich new life.

The first seam from the Clogau St. David's Gold Mine produced a very beautiful Welsh rose gold. Production continued until 1995, when it became too difficult and impractical to mine. The miners who worked there up until the closure were the direct descendants of those original Victorian prospectors. The mine now lies inactive.

The small, though steady, supply of gold extracted from the Clogau seams has made it perhaps the rarest in the world. Clogau Gold jewelry is made with a touch of their diminishing stock of Clogau Welsh gold, and they don't have much left. This is why they only include a small amount of this rare precious metal in their jewelry.

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