Cocktail Ring Heaven

18 Apr

Cocktail Ring Heaven

Big rings are in and I love them. They bring any outfit to life, and add something fun to even the most boring jeans and simple shirt.

Having a cocktail ring for every outfit would be fantastic, but of course stones are expensive – especially large ones.

Stefano Patriarchi makes a gorgeous golden sterling silver ring that will go with everything. The band is adjustable so it will fit most fingers.

My gold standard (no pun intended) for any piece of jewelry is finding something that goes as well with jeans as it does with dress pants. I'm a day-to-evening kind of girl. And this ring is perfect for that.

Patriarchi has a whole collection in the same style as the ring, which can be seen on his website. He's all about simplicity, which in itself is special when so many designs lately are over-embellished.

For something that's not real gold, $258.00 is a bit pricey, but if you factor in that the ring will be worn every day (or it would by me, at least), it's a winner!

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