Discount Printing for an Etsy Jewelry Catalog?

21 Dec

I swear, I am just drooling at all unique, handmade jewelry I see while browsing Etsy. Most of the pieces are really quite cheap, considering they are all hand crafted and are therefore unique. Sure, a seller can make dozens of a particular style, but because the each piece is made by hand, there's bound to be slight differences with each final product.

At any rate, Etsy sure beats any jeweler's catalog in terms of variety. From the classic silver and gold chains and rings to precious gemstones to paper (yes, paper!) Etsy has them all. I wonder if there's a print version of Etsy. It cannot be that expensive to produce a print catalog with discount printing packages. If a seller can "promote her item" by paying for a premium listing, why not for a print listing?

Go have a look at the range of jewelry at Etsy and you'll see what I mean!

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  1. Beading2go June 11, 2010 at 8:13 am #

    This bracelet is very well crafted by hand is very well detailed and deals with creativity to produce it

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