Dori Csengeri Designer Jewelry

29 Oct

Dori Csengeri's universe is inspired by fashion and art. Dori's unique jewelry is entirely hand-sewn at her atelier by experienced embroidery craftswomen, in an ancestral technique of assembly by needlework of silky cotton cords. Dori's intriguing designs are born from her love of color and the long tradition of hand embroidery and textile design.

handcrafted necklace
aphrodite Necklace

Dori's collections present scene stealing haute couture creations in a refined ready-to-wear selection. Inset with artful cabochons, fine stones, bohemian and crystal beads, shell, wood or metal and leather-backed for comfort, Dori's jewelry is extremely sensual and surprisingly lightweight to wear. Her collection – made for her chic, elegant woman – creates a complete look, complemented by unique elegant bags, belts, brooches, and rings.

woven bead necklace
Haute Couture Necklace
Layers of wood and glass beads trace the undulating edges of this asymmetrical seashell-infused necklace. Howelite cabochons with dark veins adorn soutache cord centerpiece, lined with four strands of natural shell drops. Necklace measures 32½" with 8½" drop.

Dori is a textile designer by profession, a graduate of the Shenkar College of Fashion in Tel-Aviv. She specialized in fabric design at Tootal Fabrics in Manchester and at Cyril Kovalevsky's studio in Paris. Then, she practiced for many years as a freelance textile designer, in Israel and abroad. Dori also studied History of Art at Zurich University and painting at the Academie de Port-Royal in Paris.

needlework bracelet
Dori Csengeri Bracelet GOLB132

While living in Paris, Dori started creating an original line of jewelry and fashion accessories, made in a needlework technique that is similar to the traditional "passementrie." Back home, she set up her design studio in Tel-Aviv, some twenty years ago.

Dori Csengeri is an award winning, internationally acclaimed artist, with offices in Paris, Barcelona, New York, and Tokyo. Dori Csengeri creations are presented worldwide in prestigious jewelry stores and galleries, and are regularly cited in leading fashion and lifestyle magazines.

"While designing," Dori says, "I visualize the woman who will wear my work – she has a defined taste and personality. I try to create for her something different, fresh and exciting, so she can play the game of fashion with me and participate in the creation of her own image."

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  1. Bailey October 29, 2008 at 10:17 am #

    I adore these pieces! The beading and details are so intricate….it makes for a unique piece. A friend of mine told me about this other website a few days ago that features some great jewelry pieces too….it’s had some great handpainted and unique jewelry there too sort of like this!

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  3. Sasha October 29, 2008 at 5:02 pm #

    Wow! That’s a really beautiful selection! I envy you!

    Please, visit my jewelry selection, as well:

  4. Tiffany October 30, 2008 at 10:35 pm #

    I envy you! What about this bracelet/necklace set though, in Sterling Silver? Look how cheap! Whats everyone think?

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