Gabriel Ofiesh Handcrafted Jewelry

24 Oct

Metalsmith and Jewelry Designer
For thirty years, form, color, movement, simplicity, and versatility have been key elements of Gabriel Ofiesh's work. All of his jewelry is distinguished by its curves, simple forms, and smooth graceful surfaces. The artist often uses diamonds to punctuate form or to accent color mixes, but their use is secondary to a piece's overall design.

gold gemstone earrings
Gold Peridot Stud Earrings
Peridots and diamonds set in gold stud earrings.

Ofiesh produces one-of-kind pieces and also steadily develops several distinctive lines of work including his new orbit ring series and his collection of woven precious metal jewelry. Ofiesh designs all of his own work and it is made in his studio in Charlottesville, Virginia. His jewelry is also sold in numerous stores and galleries throughout the United States.

designer diamond necklace
Double Diamond Necklace & Earrings
Gold necklace and earrings set with diamonds.

Although his work is always evolving, Ofiesh is conscious of maintaining design continuity. Threads of past design elements emerge in new ways and in new pieces. Clearly recognizable design themes are a hallmark of this artist's work, as is its eminent wearability and comfort.

black pearl necklace
White Gold & Black Pearl Pendant
White gold orbit pendant set with diamonds and a black pearl.

Most of Ofiesh's work incorporates moving elements. With the flick of a hinge, a ring becomes a pendant. Or among the artist's patented Orbit Collection, a band of brilliant diamonds set in platinum spins around a simple gold bead or an elegant ring.

All of the artist's work is designed, forged, and formed by hand. Since Ofiesh is a self-taught goldsmith, he uses tools in non-traditional ways, and his methods are often unconventional by jewelry standards. He is as creative in his approach to design as he is open-minded about how to make things work.

Ofiesh took workshops along the way with noted metal workers Heikki Seppa and Ronald Pearson. He also studied gem-setting at the Revere Academy in the mid 1980s. But mostly he continued to work on his own moving from silver to gold, refining techniques, and developing his interest in jewelry that moves.

Ofiesh travels around the country exhibiting at prestigious craft shows such as the American Craft Enterprises fairs in Baltimore, San Francisco and St. Paul. Over the years he has received numerous awards at these shows.

Unable to land a prep school teaching job, Ofiesh, an English literature graduate from the University of Virginia, traveled to the small town of Chatham, Virginia, in 1973 to try to sell some of the silver jewelry he made as a hobby. He made $400 in one weekend, and that small commercial success sparked the beginnings of a 30-year career as a jewelry designer.

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