Gai Mattiolo Watches

26 Dec

Fashion and Watch Designer

Gai Mattiolo's passion for fashion was evident even as a child and continued to develop throughout his life. In 1987, having completed studies at the scientific academy, Gai Mattiolo was prepared to show his first ready-to-wear fashions in Milano. It was a practical collection, marked by the suits in exclusive fabrics and the ironic cuts which would later become his calling card.

designer dress watch
Rose Gold Plated Croco-Stamped Band Dress Watch
Simple yet chic, a rectangular gold plated case with a brushed mat finish is enriched by a heart design, presented on a light sand croco-stamped strap.

Commercial success did not elude the young designer and a new line was soon born, Gai Mattiolo Couture, a high-fashion line founded on excellent distribution, tailoring, and creativity. Mattiolo was seen as a rising star of Italian fashion in the 1990s, when his sexy, over-the-top style, laden with gold and precious beading, wowed the upscale ladies from his native Rome. His fame soon spread to the Milan and Paris runways.

watch snakeskin leather band
Rose Gold Plated Drop-shaped Case Sand Watch
A sophisticated drop-shape gold plated case contrasts with a silver dial presented on an attractive sand snake-stamped leather strap.

In 1994, Mattiolo presented a collection for the first time in Rome. It was the point of no return – in eight short years the designer rose in status from a lowly high-school graduate with a striking aesthetic sense to a high-profile designer christened "one of the most prominent young stylists in Italy" by the trade press.

dress watch
Light Blue Croco-Stamped Leather Band Dress Watch
A rectangular stainless steel case polished to a mirror finish features a window with a light blue shimmering dial, presented on an attractive matching croco-stamped leather strap.

Already a presence on the market with boutiques in many international cities (Rome, Beirut, Sanremo, Taipei, Zurich, Paris, etc.), the splash caused by the Rome show attracted the attention of many prominent people from show business and the international jet set.

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