Gems Meant To Be Worn

17 Jan

Gems Meant To Be Worn

I am a huge fan of Roberto Coin. I suppose, given the quality and prices of his jewelry, who wouldn't be? When I saw these earrings, I knew I had to write about them. After all, something so shockingly beautiful ought to be out there in the world being worn. And you never know – maybe Roberto needs help advertising (as if Christy Turlington isn't enough!)

I am a big believer in gems, though I grew up in a house where my mother wore beads on a regular basis. If it sparkled, it was locked up in her safety deposit box. Her engagement ring has been locked away for so long, I can no longer remember what it looks like. Gems are meant to be worn: there is nothing like a multi-faceted stone catching the light to make a woman sparkle.

These earrings fit the bill and if I owned them, I can tell you, they'd never be locked away!

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