Gemstone Gelateria

28 Jan

Gemstone Gelateria

I love gelato. When I was in Italy a million years ago, I fell in love with Gianduja – which is a sweet chocolate mixed with hazelnut paste. When I was married, I made sure Gianduja gelato was part of the dessert menu.

So it seems cruel, somehow, that this stunning necklace is called a "Gelato Necklace." I can only guess the designer, Ippolita Rostagno, looked at a case of gelato with its many colors of ice cream and chose the name that inspired her. If only I could look at a case of ice cream and think of clever ideas. My brain usually blanks out and all I can think is, "Should I get the large and be happy? Or get the small, and remain guilt-free?"

On Ippolita's website, she has many lovely colors of this necklace. This particular chain has mother of pearl, clear quartz, blue topaz, London blue topaz, turquoise, light amethyst and green amethyst.

Green was the color of my skin when I saw it: I am in love.

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