I’m Okay – You’re Okay Jewelry

30 Nov

I'm Okay - You're Okay Jewelry

Looking for something touchie – feelie to give this holiday season? How about some affirmation type jewelry?

I guess the 70s was supposed to be the me-me-me generation, but I would bet that the 21st century is edging in there too when it comes to fashion that makes a statement about ourselves.

Such is the case for the jewelry over at Mirror Me. Along with t-shirts that proclaim: "focus" and "love yourself," you'll also find fun and funky jewelry of a similar theme.

For example, the pendant pictured left made of sterling silver:

Sterling affirmation pendants are engraved on both sides. The affirmation is backwards on one side, and the other side the affirmation is forward. This gives the wearer the ability to reveal the affirmation either to themselves or to the world.

It's available in the following phrases: "breathe; focus; love yourself; never settle; no excuses; respect yourself; and trust yourself."

Or here's a Gypsy charm necklace w/ vintage Chanel chains:

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  1. SilverAnimals.Com January 30, 2007 at 12:25 am #

    I agree with the post. Affirmation Jewelry and Positive Affirmations are becoming big and becoming big fast. With affirmation necklaces, charms and various jewelry you can wear jewelry to promote your unique interests,encourage positive affirmations, look good and because they are made from sterling silver they go with anything, anywear.

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