Jewelry Size a Consumer Concern

28 Sep

Jewelry Size a Consumer Concern

I went shopping the other day for the perfect outfit for a super duper important meeting I'm going to in about a month.

I have to do a presentation, but I also have to drive a good distance before doing it, so I was looking for something that was both comfortable and professional.

It was nice to learn that due to finally getting a few pounds off I'm almost a size smaller than I thought, but that's the thing, "almost." I'm in between sizes, so finding the right size was pretty much impossible.

Luckily, I rarely have size issues when it comes to jewelry, but it can still be a concern when you are shopping for jewelry and according to a study by the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council, the correct fit and size is a make it or break it issue for jewelry shoppers:

Retail consumers, when shopping for jewelry, must deal with many of the same issues confronted when shopping for clothing: trends, design, function, and size. If a consumer finds a piece of fine jewelry that fills all of the requisites for purchase, except that it does not fit in size, then most likely they will not purchase the item. JCOC respondents, however, were largely amenable to alternatives to sizing.

The JCOC respondents were clearly in favor of adjustable or convertible alternatives for bracelets or necklaces, but were not enamored of adjustable rings. Maybe the latent memories of cheap plastic expandable rings from 25¢ gum ball machines are to blame.

Diversity, not only in design, but in size and sizing alternatives will attract a larger audience of retail consumers and is an issue prevalent to jewelry designers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers-all facets of the jewelry industry which point to the end-use retail consumer.

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2 Responses to “Jewelry Size a Consumer Concern”

  1. IT Training February 9, 2009 at 3:08 am #

    OOO yeah size matters me too lots when ever i got out to have some jewelry for some meeting or party wear and i come really confused about that but somehow i fix that problem soon and thinking to do this with my own but just after my 642-901 for Cisco Certified Network Professional and upcoming exams after this 220-601 for A+ Certification, when ever i had to go for any presentation jewelry create some problem for me to choose as professionally and should be comfortable. Thanks of providing such a nice article

  2. J.Brown March 25, 2008 at 3:33 pm #

    I guess with the money that you would pay for a decent ring, you should be able to find one that’s just your size.

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