Magnetic Bracelets

10 Mar

Magnetic Bracelets
The aesthetic value and therapeutic power of magnetic bracelets have gained more recognition and popularity, because they are believed to improve health by increasing blood circulation.

In recent years, Titanium has found its way into fashion jewelry, because it's lightweight, tough, corrosion-resistant, and biologically compatible with the human body. Titanium is 45% lighter than stainless steel and nickel free, which makes it perfect for fashionable and healthy magnetic jewelry.

jewelry bracelets
Cats Eye Magnetic Titanium Bracelet

Titanium Magnetic Bracelets
Most of the Titanium bracelets I've seen are plain gray metal links – no style, no personality. But these I love. They're stylish, they're magnetic, and they're Titanium!

These titanium magnetic bracelets are made of Commercially Pure Ti2 grade titanium – an ultra-light premium metal that is hypoallergenic and extremely comfortable to wear. And there's a magnet in every link.

jewelry designer
18k Gold Trimmed Lady's Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

Magnet Therapy
Magnet therapy was rediscovered in the 1950s in Russia and Japan. Space research has shown what happens when human beings are removed from the influence of the earth's magnetic field for any length of time. Scientists observed that Russian cosmonauts suffered from significant osteoporosis and severe depression upon their return to earth. These phenomena have been appreciably reduced by incorporating artificial magnetic fields in space ships and space suits. Today five million Americans – including Bill Clinton and Sir Anthony Hopkins – swear by magnet therapy.

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Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome
The earth's magnetic field has decreased considerably over the last 500 years. Dr. Nakagawa (Tokyo) wrote an article in 1976 in which he described a condition he called magnetic field deficiency syndrome. Symptoms include stiffness of the shoulders, back pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, disturbed sleep, digestive problems, circulatory problems, and general fatigue.

Dr. Nakagawa asked 11,648 users of magnet therapy about their experiences. Over 90% rated magnet therapy as effective and only 10% as ineffective. No side effects were reported. Our life in concrete and steel buildings, cars, trains, planes, etc. also reduces the effect of the earth's magnetic field. A further disruptive factor is the electronic smog caused by computer screens, radios, TVs, mobile phones, etc.

How does Magnetic Therapy work?
There are many schools of thought and countless studies on the positive effects. Some doctors believe that the magnetic field affects the iron component of blood, hemoglobin, thereby increasing circulation to the area where magnets are applied, and the more blood to the area in pain, the more it helps it heal.

Many people active in sports have asked for a lightweight magnetic bracelet that would not affect their playing performance. The most vocal have been golfers, who suggest that heavy stainless magnetic bracelets can adversely affect their swing.

With titanium, they can have a substantial bracelet at a fraction of the weight of stainless steel, still enjoy the benefits of the magnetic properties, and have a piece of titanium jewelry that will last for years.

In my book, that's a win-win.

Magnetic Bracelets and Jewelry
Titanium Magnetic Bracelet Information

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