Michele Watches

23 May

Maurice Barouh taught his son Jack the essentials of watch making – patience and a dedication to quality. It was an education in both the business and the craft of the industry, a lesson that Jack combined with his own interest in design. Jack's knowledge of the mechanics involved in watch production gave him the tools to focus on both construction and style.

Garden Party Collection
Inspired by the beauty and simplicity of nature, a unique series of three different enamel dials capture the scenes of an enchanted garden. This whimsical interpretation is further adorned with diamonds amongst the brightly colored enamel, as well as larger diamonds around the case.
designer watch
Bumble Bee Royal Blue Alligator
Stainless Steel.
White lacquer dial.
White diamonds.
Sapphire crystal.

Jack and his wife Rita, who grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, moved to Panama in the 1970s to help run the family business as well as to begin their own family. While there, Jack's watches garnered great attention from the Latin American market because of their innovative designs.

After several years in Panama, Jack and Rita moved their two young children, Jeremy and Michele, to Miami, where they started Michele Watches, named for their daughter. The very first Michele Watch, the CSX Diamond, was just the beginning of many more collections to come.

CSX Collection
Michele succeeded in revolutionizing the industry with its first designer timepiece known as the CSX. A globe-shaped case illustrates its universal appeal. Pioneering a trend of luxury without limitation, CSX performance timepieces are specially designed for those devoted to living increasingly stylish lives.
handcrafted watch
Stainless Steel Gold Patent Leather
White Mother-of-Pearl dial.
Sapphire crystal.

The lessons of the past have not been lost on the third generation of watchmakers in the Barouh family. Both Michele and Jeremy credit the brand's success to their parents' enthusiasm and perseverance. Michele believes that the company must stay up-to-date in terms of fashion, so they can maintain the competitive edge that sets them apart from other brands in the industry.

Deco Collection
A brilliant celebration of the history of Art Deco design. Modern mechanics and aesthetics are brilliantly fused together to capture the magnetism and wonderment of an unforgotten era. The distinguished rectangular case reflects the geometric shapes identified with Art Deco architecture.
watches spring 2008
Deco Dark Purple Alligator
White Diamonds.
Mother-of-Pearl dial.

Michele's eye for trends has been one of the assets that differentiates Michele Watches. She is largely responsible for moving the brand's design aesthetic forward, and also for capitalizing on the trends of the moment with the interchangeable watch bands she designs that are made in several skins, from crocodile to stingray, lizard to leather.

One of the Barouh Family's biggest sources of inspiration comes from their yearly travels to exotic locales. "We were always fortunate enough to travel to see different cultures," said Jeremy, who, like the rest of his family, speaks French, Spanish, and English.

According to Jack Barouh, the best part about working with his children is seeing how each brings a different experience to the table. "After watching them grow up, go through college, declare their independence, and travel, they've returned as complete individuals who have a great deal to offer the company," he said.

Michele Watches' third generation has mixed a love of fashion with a love of travel and design to create a truly unique product. Michele and Jeremy understand that, unlike a great shoe or bag, a watch is a living device, one that encompasses both a history of craftsmanship and the potential for becoming a family heirloom.

Today, Michele Watches is a $50 million business that has become part of Fossil, a global leader in the fashion watch market with a proven track record of attracting and expanding brands. Jack Barouh made the decision in 2004 to merge his company with Fossil in order to give Michele Watches an even greater position of strength in the global watch industry. But Michele Watches still operates as a family business, with the design and business decisions made by the Barouh family in partnership with Fossil.

Pretty pricey, but we girls have to have something to dream about.

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