Ohio Jeweler Wins Award

26 Dec

Ohio Jeweler Wins Award

I discovered a small town newspaper article on line about jewelry maker Mike Trembly, and luckily it had a link to his web site, which I can tell you is not always the case.

You'd be amazed at how many articles I read like this that have no URL. This article talks about Trembly's recent award from the Ohio Craft Museum:

The award, given by the Ohio Designer Craftsmen organization out of Columbus, is called the Award for Excellence. Trembly said he believes he got the award for the unique quality of his metal and stone jewelry.

"What makes you stand out is making work that is distinctively yours and that's what I strive to do," Trembly said.

Okay, now for the good stuff – his wonderful jewelry.
Sterling silver, moonstone, garnet, blue topaz, turquoise
Brooch – Sterling silver, gold, moonstone, topaz, opal, ocean jasper
Earrings – Post style -Sterling silver, drusy quartz, peridot

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