Pink Emerald Heart

17 Jan


Who would have thunk it! I know that gemstones come in all different colors, but it is still weird to see just the same. Here is really unusual stone – a pink emerald cut in the shape of a heart. Talk about the ultimate Valentine's Day gift! Here's some info from a company press:

" The Pink Emerald Company, LLC, the leading retailer of pink emeralds in the world, today announced the sale of the extremely rare "World's Largest Heart Shaped Pink Emerald," weighing 169.01 carats. Found and mined in Minas Gerais, Brazil, this one of a kind precious gemstone is currently being offered for sale for $1.6 Million USD and was cut and faceted by master gemstone carver Hans Wild of Idar Oberstein, Germany, the leading gem cutting center of Europe. This will undoubtedly be the ultimate St. Valentine's Day present.

Precious pink emeralds are very scarce and are seldom offered for sale to the general public. Rare precious gemstones of this nature are usually found at auction or in the private gem collections of jewelers, gemstone dealers and international gemstone connoisseurs. These delicate, precious gifts of nature are 25,000 times rarer than green emeralds, 40,000 times rarer than rubies and sapphires and approximately 120,000 times rarer than diamonds. "

Read more: The Pink Emerald Company Offers $1.6 Million Ultimate St. Valentine's Day Bling

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  2. MOHAMED ISMAIL January 19, 2009 at 9:22 pm #

    Dear sir/madam
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