Seen that? – Beyonce Gets Big Bling

11 Oct

Beyonce Gets Big Bling at The Jewelry Weblog

Seen that? - Beyonce Gets Big Bling

Rap star and beyonce-boyfriend, Jay-Z, told the beautiful, young singer in a not so subtle way " Happy Birthday" this week when he reportedly spent more than a cool mill on a diamond and ruby ring. To top it off, he completed the birthday gift for his 24 year old fiancée with a matching watch. Hey, what's another couple hundred thousand more? A girl's got to look good, right? Image [...] Read More

Bling at the American Music Awards at The Jewelry Weblog

Loads of bling and sparklies were present at the American Music Awards on November 21st. Pictured is the gorgeous beyonce wearing a pair of long platinum and diamond drop earrings and a platinum and diamond cocktail ring from Lorraine Schwartz. Carmen Electra and Tori Spelling also showed up in platinum jewelry. Carmen opted for diamond hoop earrings, as well as a platinum and diamond bracelet and a platinum, diamond and sapphire cocktail [...] Read More

Beyonce and Jewelry Hope at The Jewelry Weblog

beyonce is one gorgeous woman, and what a perfect beauty to show off platinum jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz. Loads of celebrities where glitzing it up at New York City's "L'Oreal Legends Gala" on November 8th. Just a few of the stars who came out for the evening include Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston, and Jennifer Lopez. One bling attraction of the night was L'Oreal's Color of Hope bracelet, part of a [...] Read More

Beyonce Bounces Right Back at The Celebrities Weblog

beyonce knowles took a header down a 12 step staircase during a recent concert and bounced right back up and continued her performance. Tell me this girl isn't tough and dedicated. Videos of the fall are hard to come by and although the quality of the one above isn't that great it was the only one I could locate. Here's the story about Beyonce's fall and her remarks about it. [...] Read More

Beyonce Is Showstopper In Ethiopia at The Celebrities Weblog Proving that's she's a world class entertainer Beyonce played to a hysterical audience in Ethiopia a few days ago. Beyonce performed in Addis Ababa during the "Millenium Celebration", a tribute to the rich culture and history of this ancient civilization. The Millennium Celebration is an epoch event and will continue through the end of September, 2008. What makes Beyonce's successful performance in Ethiopia so special is the fact that Western entertainers are largely [...] Read More

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