Seen that? – Bracelets for Causes

5 Dec

Bracelets for Causes at The Jewelry Weblog

Seen that? - Bracelets for Causes

You've probably seen people lately wearing what look like thick, colored rubber bands around their wrists. You may even sport a few of these yourself. It seems like every day a new colored band is coming out to help support a cause. Here are just a few: Yellow: Originating from Lance Armstrong, this was created to show support for his attempt to win the Tour de France for the sixth time. [...] Read More

Paris Hilton Trades in Her Bracelets at The Jewelry Weblog

I was surfing around looking for some good jewelry finds (as usual) and I found this picture of Paris Hilton on the site. I thought about how weird it was that here she is – obviously posing – casually wearing a chunky bracelet on one arm, watch on the other, and then dangling from her jean's pocket are a few chains with dangling cross pendants. Only a few days [...] Read More

Positive Icon Bracelets at The Jewelry Weblog

Fashion Angels Enterprises has a fun line of bracelets for kids called Icon Bands. Each band, aka bracelet, has a different icon, such a flower, heart, hope, love, etc., in the center of the band, which is made from silicone. For an added twist, each band is supposed infused with ions: Enjoy the benefits from this negative ion-infused jewelry. Negative ions = Positive vibes! Believe it or not… Negative ions are [...] Read More

The Edge of Customized Silicone Bracelets at Home Based Business

Before, silicone bracelets were popular because they're oftentimes used by cause-oriented groups in fund-raising programs. These bracelets are worn by people who want to impart certain concerns to the public. One of the fundraisers that use these bracelets is lance armstrong Foundation. They use said bracelets to accumulate funds for the benefit of those suffering from the debilitating cancer. Nowadays, the popularity of silicone bracelets is brought to the next level. [...] Read More

RFID Taser Bracelets: The anti-hijacking device at The RFID Weblog

You are on a long flight and doze off since you have started to feel tired sitting in your seat for so many hours. Suddenly you are woken by a loud noise and you come to know that the flight has been hijacked by some terrorists threatening to blow up the airplane if their demands are not but you remain unfazed by the hijack drama and so do other passengers. [...] Read More

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