Seen that? – Imelda Marcos Fights Jewelry Sale

2 Jun

Imelda Marcos Fights Jewelry Sale The Jewelry Weblog

Seen that? - Imelda Marcos Fights Jewelry Sale

I already reported about the sale of some of Imelda Marcos' super-duper high end jewelry. (See Imelda Marcos Loses Her Bling). Looks like she is still fighting in the courts to stop the sale. Marcos says, " We are not a materialistic people." Hmmmm…" We" ? Read more interesting quotes from this jewelry connoisseur: Marcos wealth 'honestly earned'Also Rest of Imelda's Jewelry " Pillaged" [...] Read More

Imelda Marcos Loses Her Bling The Jewelry Weblog

Poor Imelda, first her shoes and now this! Her jewelry collection will be auctioned off this November. One of the jewelry items in the auction includes a " 150.01 carat Burmese ruby pendant and an ornate earrings, necklace and bracelet set." Just the ruby pendant alone from this set is estimated to be worth $290,000. Now, of course, the former first lady hasn't been wearing this jewelry in years because [...] Read More

Jewelry Designer Fights Ed The Jewelry Weblog

Ed is not a guy. He's not your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband. He's much, much worse and much for difficult to get rid of. Ed or "E-d" stands for eating disorders. In an effort to help fight Ed, two artists have teamed up. One uses words as her art form, author Jenni Schaefer, whose book Life Without Ed: How One Woman Declared Independence from Her Eating Disorder and How You Can Too [...] Read More

Heel-and-Toe? Not a Driving Technique at This Auction Classical Drives

You've heard of Imelda Marcos and her shoes? One-thousand-sixty pairs in the closet. I'm not here to speak on behalf of Imelda's extravagance except to say that the wife of the Philippine's ex-president bought her shoes, not to wear, but as part of a collection. Like classic car fans, maybe? Incidentally, architect friend Mel Satok, who has contributed some delightful photos to this site and often suffered my remarks about [...] Read More

If An Engine Can Be Art, This Must Be A Masterpiece Classical Drives

This, the engine in John Carroll's Marcos GT, which we featured in a recent blog, is pure artistry. At least I think it is and I suspect John does, too. But why, exactly, am I mesmirised by his little 1.6 liter Cosworth? Because it actually looks like an engine and also because, by contemporary standards, it is relatively simple in concept. In fact, if you look hard at the underhood [...] Read More

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