Seen that? – Jewel of a Perfume

19 Nov

Jewel of a Perfume at The Jewelry Weblog

Seen that? - Jewel of a Perfume

Jewels were the inspiration for entertainer Ashanti's new fragrance: "Precious Jewel by ashanti." To enhance the theme of her new product, Ashanti is including a jewelry roll and lingerie bag from Plush Creations with all media and press gift bags. Per a company press release: " 'Eye Candy' is made from a designer fabric of embossed silk velvet in a beautiful shade of deep pink. Lined in a crepe back [...] Read More

Cherie Dori Fine Jewels at The Jewelry Weblog

Contemporary israeli jewelry designer, Nelly Cohen shows her love for jewelry and poetry as she creates fine jewelry pieces for her company, Cherie Dori. "Cherie" is French for love, and Cohen has a degree in poetry studies. While the jewelry is primarily made with jewelry seen generally in fine jewelry, such as gold, diamonds, and precious stones, Cohen takes a different creative approach. For example, she often includes yellow diamonds in [...] Read More

Rockin’ Jewels at Fashion Week at The Jewelry Weblog

Rock and Republic is rocking the catwalk at New York Fashion Week. Now, I have to admit that these designs aren't exactly I'd expect to see someone wearing every day, but for the hip and trendy, I think these clothes rock. The company describes their attitude as follows: Rock & Republic means edgy, progressive denim inspired by Rock & Roll and with an emphasis on modern silhouettes and a sleek [...] Read More

Home Sweet Home Is MORE Than Just a Quote- It’s True When You Use DURANCE Melting Perfume! at Cool Picking

Melting Perfume? Whoever heard of that? It's the latest thing coming out of France and Parisians adore this collection of home fragrance products from Durance's Home Fragrances Collection. Durance's Melting Pieces of Perfume are a quick and easy way to scent your home interior. Place a perfume burner with a lit candle underneath. As the perfume starts to melt it will fill your room with the scent. Each Melting Piece of [...] Read More

Jewels Wine at Celebrate Wine

You may or may not know that along with writing this wine blog for Creative Weblogging, I also write their Jewelry Weblog. So, when I heard about Jewel Wine, I was more than just a little curious. Located in Acampo, California this winery, much like jewelry designers, have create a "collection" of wines, and what better name than the Jewel Collection? Along with being able to purchase wine directly on [...] Read More

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