Seen that? – Jewelers Help Hurricane Katrina Victims

1 Jan

Jewelers Help Hurricane Katrina Victims at The Jewelry Weblog

Seen that? - Jewelers Help Hurricane Katrina Victims

With any disaster, there is a Domino affect. The jewelry industry is no different. Just think about all the small jewelry stores that dot the map in every town in the Gulf States. Many are privately owned small businesses, the " mom and pop" shop where you might stop in to get a necklace fixed or look for a special jewelry gift. JCK magazine reports that members of the jewelry [...] Read More

Hurricane Katrina Pin from QVC at The Jewelry Weblog

QVC has created a pin to help raise donations for the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Per their website: " In order to raise money for the millions of people that were subject to the widespread destruction and devastation, QVC has created this pin, designed as a replica awareness ribbon. For every pin sold, $8 will be donated to the american red cross Disaster Relief Fund for Hurricanes 2005." I think [...] Read More

NY Fashion Week: Focus on Jewelry & Katrina at The Jewelry Weblog

The spring 2006 Fashion Week joined forces with Red Cross to help aid Katrina victims as it also showed off some the latest jewelry fashion trends. In one Sunday show, reports National Jeweler, the following jewelry items were featured: " necklaces worn diagonally across the shoulder as sashes" "doorknocker chandelier earrings courtesy of jeweler Lee Angel" "halter-style components [designed by Esteban Cortazar] held in place with pearl strands and braided gold cord threaded [...] Read More

Hilton adds supply management disaster program to prepare for hurricane season at Supplychainer

Like all large corporations, Hilton Hotels Corp. of Beverly Hills, Calif., has disaster plans in place. But, after the 2005 hurricane season, Hilton's supply chain organization has stepped up its disaster preparedness plans to be ready for anything, according to a news release from The 2005 hurricane season saw an unprecedented 26 named storms, including 14 hurricanes, seven of which were major, and three of which reached Category 5 (Katrina, [...] Read More

Hurricane Katrina: A Look at the Numbers at The Personal Finance Weblog

Let me look at the numbers here. G'Dubya cut funding for the Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project, or SELA, in favor of the Iraq war. The SELA project is/was projected to cost $744 million, with $555 million of that total coming from the federal government. The project was supposed to last until 2009. The Iraq war has so far mounted to more than $200 billion in two years. If it continues another [...] Read More

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