Seen that? – Jewelry Artist Breaks into Art Museum

21 Oct

Jewelry Artist Breaks into Art Museum at The Jewelry Weblog

Seen that? - Jewelry Artist Breaks into Art Museum

Jewelry designers are too often given the bum's rush when it comes to being considered " true" artists. This is always something that has irked me. Why just because a piece of artwork might be functional and fashionable should it be considered second class to something that is hung on a wall to stare at or set on a table only to collect dust? Ciara Marasigan is one jewelry artist [...] Read More

Mom Creates a Fairy Tale Jewelry Success Story at The Jewelry Weblog

Here's another jewelry success story for you. This time it's about a busy mother who decided to concentrate on what she knew best: making children happy. Per a company press release: " It was motherhood itself that inspired Joanie Perales to start Fairy Tale Jewels, a children's jewelry line designed with sterling silver beads and components and sparkling Swarovski crystals. "The only infant and children's jewelry I could ever find was [...] Read More

Jewelry Artist in St. Pete at The Jewelry Weblog

They call him crazy like a fox, and when you look at some of his diamond and gold encrusted creations, you have to agree. Sidney Mobell is more than just a jeweler, he's an artist and visionary, and some of his unique jewelry creations are on exhibit at the Florida International Museum until September. From the St. Pete Times: If you go: "Jeweled Objects of Desire" is at the Florida International [...] Read More

Artist Creates P2P Only Movie at P2P File Sharing

Anders Weberg created a 73 minute experimental video made for and only available on P2P networks. The movie was shared by Weberg until one person downloaded it on Sepetember 15th. Then Weberg deleted the file and evreything used to create it. Sadly, with just one copy downloaded it is extremely unlikely that the file is available or downloadable. Weberg said: "Filter is fully based on the emotions that I experienced in the [...] Read More

Looks Like Food, But Is It Really EDIBLE? Hot New Sculptor and Artist at Cool Picking

This looks like the real deal doesn't it? Well guess what, it's NOT! It's really a piece of sculpture and if you tried to eat one of the Oreos you MIGHT break a tooth. Called Nabisco Oreo's Cookies by Robin Antar from her collection entitled Things we eat, but can't. It's really a hand carved bag of Oreo Cookies. The bag carved out of marble and hand painted. The Cookies [...] Read More

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