Seen that? – King Tut – Jewelry Fashion Icon?

23 May

King Tut – Jewelry Fashion Icon? The Jewelry Weblog

Seen that? - King Tut - Jewelry Fashion Icon?

Who would have thought a young king would have so much appeal and power so many thousands of years after his death? According to MSNBC, " the king remains a fashion icon, inspiring a new jewelry collection by Tamarac [Florida] designer Ruth Hirtz that is the official jewelry line of the Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs exhibit." Along with a 135-item exhibit that is touring the United [...] Read More

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 03/05/07 The Jewelry Weblog

Welcome to the jewelry and fashion blogosphere to start off the second week of March 2007. Can you believe how fast the year is flying by already? Lucky for you, there are all kinds of great bloggers out there keeping track of the current trend in fashion. Such as Fashion Tribes, who discusses the Top Ten most interesting trends that emerged from the recent Fall 2007 Milan fashion shows. Check out [...] Read More

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 07/29/07 The Jewelry Weblog

With August almost here, many of us in the jewelry and fashion blogopshere are getting our fall wardrobe in order. Time to go shopping! Fashiontribes picks the top 10 fall fashion must-haves, such as this "statement" necklace made of Gold, silver, brass and stainless steel thick-braided chain. New dress code rules at the White House piques Papierblog's interest. Second City Style is gearing up for our favorite fashion season. First [...] Read More

The Lion King in London’s theatres Wandalust

You're in London. You know that you need London theatre tickets. After all, a show on London's West End is like Broadway in New York. People don't go to London and not see a show…

But which show? That's actually a pretty easy question to answer at the moment. Lion King tickets are the hottest thing going at the moment and the show (produced by Disney Theatrical based on [...] Read More

Trend Setting Initiatives – King County, Seattle IfEnergy

Realizing that global warming may not just be a scientific proposition but an occurring fact, King County in Washington State has started taking steps to both curb emissions and reuse resources through a combination of innovative programs: Currently implemented programs include: – fueling 374 buses with 5% biodiesel – operating a 235 vehicle fleet of hybrid buses – operating a fuel cell using captured gases from a wastewater treatment plant – creating a Resource Conservation [...] Read More

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