Talisman Unlimited Jewelry

16 Feb

Gold and Diamond Jewelry

Founded by Lisa Ruskin and Michael Pitkow, Talisman Unlimited began at a dining room table in the Spring of 1988. Fifteen years and 42 collections later, their designs are available at some of the finest boutiques and jewelry stores in America and elsewhere, and their expertise, tenacity, resources, and good fortune has put them in the company of top jewelry designers worldwide. Their unique designs, including many one of a kind pieces, start the trends that draw attention from fine retailers and fashion editors.

gemstone ring
14k Gold Rose Quartz Mesa HammeRing
Also available in 18k yellow gold, 14k and 18k white gold, and 18k red gold.

Timeless designs, unique colorations, white and cognac diamonds, exotic South Sea and Tahitian Pearls – the goal always is to inspire the joy that true beauty conjures. Each new collection includes wonderful bead and gems and rare pearls, inspired by travel, the tribal and nomadic patterns of nature, and the majesty and splendor of starry desert skies and ocean oases. Our creative journey endures as a never-ending exploration of the essence of ageless design.

gold and diamond earrings
14k Gold Pear Diamond Disc Earrings
Also available in 18k yellow gold, and 14k and 18k white gold, and 18k red gold.

Lisa graduated from Boston University with a B.S. in Television and worked for NBC. She participated in the creation of and was National Sales Director for Freeway, one of the first boutique jeans companies. She helped start Barney's sportswear company, Basco. She wore ten hats for designer Gary Worth. She was National Sales Manager for the hugely successful design firm Force One for David Dart.

gold charm bracelet
14k Gold Holy Coin Anchor Chain Gypsy Bracelet
Also available in 18k yellow gold, and 14k and 18k white gold, and 18k red gold.

After earning a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School and an M.F.A. from Brandeis University, Michael Pitkow co-founded a theater company in Boston. He was Creative Director of Music Promotions, an advertising agency, and has worked as a writer and designer, and started Aleph Records and Stone Age Communications.

After their marriage, Lisa bought some antique silver charms and beads at a fashion market in New York and designed a pin for herself. Retail buyers admired it and asked where they could buy them, and how soon. For Hanukkah that year, shortly after the birth of their son, Michael gave Lisa a box filled with beads and more silver charms, and Lisa began designing. The first year, Talisman Unlimited sold more than 600 original, one of a kind pieces.

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