The Byzantine Fashionista

21 Jan

The Byzantine Fashionista

I do not care what you think; I love these earrings. Actually, these earrings do seem to say, "I don't care what you think." They have that bohemian quality that screams, "I embrace style from any age and laugh in the face of fashion."

Perhaps I'm not being fair, but let's face it, in the description, The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store uses the word "Byzantine" as a selling point.

I have an enormous soft spot for the Museum. A) I love going there. B) It's an art institution, which makes me feel like my purchases aren't really going towards commerce, but that my funds are being used to support the arts. And C) well… truth be told, their stuff is cheap.

Anyway, where else can you buy something that comes with this description:

"One of the great initiatives taken by Constantine the Great, emperor of Rome from 307-337 A.D., was the transferring of the imperial capital to Constantinople (originally a small Greek town called Byzantion, that is now Istanbul, Turkey). Serving as a bridge between Europe and Asia, Constantinople became one of the most important centers of jewelry-making in the Mediterranean. The capital's stylistic innovations became popular and highly lauded throughout the Byzantine Empire."

Great factoid, huh? Perfect for a dinner party where you can wear earrings so classic they were worn in 300 A.D.

I love it.

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One Response to “The Byzantine Fashionista”

  1. sara January 26, 2010 at 10:21 pm #

    beautiful and fashionable, love the pattern design, much go great with black dresses

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