This Ring’s For You

21 Feb

This Ring's For You

Dear Kimmie, Since Spring is around the corner, I'm not focusing on mass spring cleaning around the house! I want to focus on taking myself to another level and putting myself out there. Although I know that it is important to network, I have always done so with others – but there are times I have to be there on my own, what can I do to put my best foot forward as I never know what to expect?

I love being out and about and more often than not, I have to go to places alone (maybe I meet up with people later or I find that I don't know anyone else there). I find that it's important to dress where I feel that I am presenting myself the way I want people to see me. This means that I am known for my accessories so a large ring is a must. I love this Dome Ring which is available at Vivre. It's perfect for the Spring and catches everyone's eye! One, it makes me comfortable but two, it causes people to find their way to ask about what I'm wearing. Having a conversation starter can be a lot easier than asking the same old questions such as what do you do and why you're here. Asking someone where they got their ring or other accessories lends itself to other questions and you insure that you will be remembered. Think about a favorite handbag and one that looks different than what most people carry and allow that to be your signature. You'll find it easier for you and you'll worry less about those awful ice breakers at events!

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  1. April 17, 2010 at 5:54 am #

    I find that it’s important to dress where I feel that I am presenting myself the way I want people to see me.

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