Toms Shoes — Buy Two and Give Two

27 Aug

Let's face it. In today's green and eco-conscious world, there are a large number of shoppers who prefer to spend their money with companies that remain good stewards of our environmental resources and that give back to those who are less fortunate. Tom's has mastered the art of both, making them a favorite of hippies, earthies, and greenies all over the world. Toms Shoes is based in Santa Monica California, and it was begun after the owner visited a third-world country and was made aware of the plight of children within that country and in other third-world countries. These unfortunate children were forced to go around without shoes.

Tom's offers stylish shoe selections for men, women, and children, including flats, wedges, boots, and even wedding shoes. The designs range from Plain Jane to funky fresh with a large variety of colors and prints. Along with the wonderful designs, Tom's uses eco-friendly materials to make all its shoes. Vegans can select from a variety of styles that are 100 percent animal and animal byproduct free.

The company's basic mission was to provide shoes for children in need. Every time you buy a Tom's shoe, the company will donate a pair of shoes to a child who has none. Tom's brand is currently offered by a number of retailers, and you can also purchase the shoes online at the company website. The website also offers other fashion items for sale, including hats, flags, and t-shirts. The hats will result in the donation of a pair of shoes to a child in need, as well. Purchasers of Tom's shoes have the best of both worlds. Not only do they get a new cute pair of comfy earth-friendly shoes, but they also know they are making a true difference in a child's life.

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