Wearing Earrings and Miracle Ear Hearing Aids

19 Feb

For a long long time, there were no ear accessories designed for those who need to wear hearing aids. It was as if wearing a Miracle ear and fashion earrings were mutually exclusive. Well, in fact, until recent developments in hearing aid designs, wearing earrings and hearing aids at the same time made it too heavy for an earlobe to bear, the discomfort was just not worth it. Besides, who would want to accessorize the ear and draw attention to it, when you also have a conspicuous medical device on it?

But nowadays, there are hearing aids that no longer loop around the earlobe, but are placed inside the ear. The modern ones are also so tiny and light, comfort is no longer an issue. I have also come across patents to hearing aids that are disguised as earrings, and designs that are even suitable for men! Isn't it trendy?

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