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Celine Dion Jewelry for China

13 Sep

Celine Dion Jewelry for China
celine dion is moving into the Asian market, and this time, it's not via DVDs. Instead, she – like so many celebrities – is supposedly designing a line of jewelry that will be marketed only in China. Right now, the line called Blue Heart will concentrate on diamond rings.

I've seen this reported at a few different places, and Waleg Style:

Celine Dion isn't only good at singing … it seems she's good at designing jewelry as well! Dion has launched her own jewelry line, under the name 'Blue Heart'. The collection contains diamond rings with classic designs. Each ring has name & each name consists of a musical note; Do, Re, Mi … etc. At the moment, Dion's collection is sold in Asia, specifically in China, but it's unclear when it'll be introduced to Europe & America.


At the moment, she seems to be getting a big yawn from everyone – er, diamond rings, how original. But, I'll keep you posted on anything else I happen to find out about her new jewelry biz venture.

Justin “Rings” It Up?

26 Aug

Justin "Rings" It Up?

Will it be a nice shiny new platinum wedding band with wedding bells ringing in the background for Justin Timerlake and jessica biel?

Life and Style Magazine reports that the two have been out and about shopping for some bling, the kind that goes on that one particular finger on the left hand. Supposedly the Hollywood hot-shot (Justin solo) has been seen shopping for platinum, diamonds,and sapphires at Neil Lane and Rafinity. Though he's not ready to drop down on his knee just yet and pop the big question, he wants to be prepared. What a boy scout!

Claire Danes in Platinum & Diamonds

2 Aug

Claire Danes in Platinum & Diamonds

Bracelets are still the hot new stackable jewelry accessory. I remember reporting about stackable necklaces last year and then this trend turned to the wrist.

These bracelets worn by claire danes are made of platinum and diamonds and she accented them with a cocktail ring, which we don't get a good look at. Claire is all dolled up to attend her Los Angeles movie premier of Stardust, coming out in a few weeks.

The movie looks great too. It's sort of a fairy tale slash science fiction story.


[images from Platinum Guild]

Yeah for Necklaces!

26 Jul

Yeah for Necklaces!

It is so refreshing to see celebrities wearing necklaces at a red carpet type event or party or whatever you want to categories them.

I mean, really, when jewelry designers hand you over fabulous baubles to wear and they don't think to add a necklace? Unless you go with the double bracelet trend or some really large earrings, the bare neck thing does not work.

Normally she seems to be pretty clueless, but shown here Jessica Simpson at the Cannes Film Festival is looking good and wearing a beautiful sapphire necklace. For those of us who don't get handed free jewelry, here's an alternative. for Sears has a Cheviot(tm) created blue and white sapphire necklace in 10K white gold for $499.99.


Jennifer Lopez at El Cantante Premiere

25 Jul

Jennifer Lopez at El Cantante Premiere

Jennifer Lopez was looking hot and cool all at the same time at the San Juan, Puerto Rico film premier of El Cantante.

Should be interesting to see hubby, marc anthony, and Lopez in this story that semi-mirrors their lives. He's a singer that makes it to the big time and she's the little woman behind the man. Okay, well, maybe it just mirrors his life a little. We know that Lopez is in no way the little woman type. The film is due out in early August.

Anywhoo, check out this wowie! earrings she's got on, platinum "Caviar" earrings by Lorraine Schwartz. Now, this is when it's okay to not wear a necklace.

Hairspray Jewelry

11 Jul

Hairspray Jewelry

The sixties are back with the new release of the movie Hairspray. This movie looks like a lot of fun, and while the jewelry is a little dated, celebrities who attended the LA premier the other night were definitely out of the 21st century as they wore the metal of choice for the modern socialite – platinum.

Carmen Electra and Allison Janney were glaming it up. Carmen's jewelry is – wow – diamond chandelier earrings, bangles and a cocktail ring.

Very different from the usual fine jewelry we see, and Allison looks like she thought best to be a little more demure in her platinum and diamond earrings.




[images from Precious Platinum]

Devil Wears Prada and Jewelry

11 Jul

Devil Wears Prada and Jewelry

So finally, I managed to watch The Devil Wears Prada starring Meryl Streep and anne hathaway. Of course, the movie never measures up to the book, but it was a good movie, and Streep really made the movie for me, as did the great clothes and accessories, including jewelry.

There is a scene where "Andie," Hathaway's character, finally realizes she needs to literally dress the part if she's going to manage to keep her job, and she's shown in one great outfit after another. As a jewelry fan and accessories lover, I of course, noticed how she wasn't just wearing a certain skirt or dress, but her outfits looked complete and put together because of the jewelry, shoes, hand bag, and hats that finished it off.

I guess because I'm about a year behind on this one, I wasn't able to find exact pieces of jewelry from the movie. If anyone know where I can view these on-line, I'd love to know. However, I did manage to stumble onto's Devil Wears Prada Boutique and picked out a few pieces which I think at least give some of the attitude of the movie.

Marianne Rain Drops Silver Necklace

Kings Rd Hoop Earrings in Gold and Silver

Crystal and Pearl Gold Chandelier Earrings

I think one of my favorite scenes is where Niles is telling Andie that size 6 is the new 14, size 2 is the new zero, and size 4 is the new six. So, in other words, she's fat! I'd kill to be a size 6!

Liv Tyler for Pilgrim

4 Jul

Liv Tyler for Pilgrim

What a job! Life must be rougher than usual for actress liv tyler, known for her role as Arwen in The Lord of the Rings. Now she is wearing lots and lots of rings, and necklaces and earrings and bracelets from Pilgrim, the company's "face" for 2007:

PILGRIM has chosen Liv Tyler because she is very natural – both in the way she looks but also as a person. Not only does she radiate positive energy and natural beauty – she also values family, nature and social responsibility. At PILGRIM, we take our social responsibilities very seriously – both in relation to our employees and in our relationship to the world around us. That's why it's important that our models share our values and reflect them – like Liv Tyler.

Along with great jewelry, they have a pretty cool video of a photo shoot with the actress, background music care of the Rolling Stones.



You'll also find some jewelry (or jewellery since this company is Danish) fashion advice:

Jewellery, jewellery, jewellery – Forget less is more. More is more – and then some. Be bold and pile on necklaces and stack bracelets. But remember; choose only one type of jewellery (e.g. necklaces or bracelets) to avoid looking like a dog's dinner.

Agreed. If you go big and bold, you can't wear every single piece big and bold. One stand out piece will do it. Now, if you are more of the delicate jewelry wearer, then it's okay to layer.

Big Bad Bling

30 Jun

Big Bad Bling

No, I don't like this pendant, but after reading about, I felt compelled to pass on the information.

I mean this is some world record thing, but really, it's pretty darn u-g-l-y IMO.

Still here's the scoop from Diamondvues:

The Guinness Book of World Records has just added Rapper LIL' JON as the owner of the largest diamond pendant ever. The hip-hop star's, "crunk Aint Dead" pendant is 7.5 inches (19 centimeters) tall, six inches (15.2 centimeters) wide, and one inch (2.5 centimeters) thick. It weighs almost 12 pounds (5.4 kilograms) and features 73 carats of diamonds – with 3,756 round-cut white diamonds encrusted in 18-karat yellow and white gold. The diamond pendant has been valued at about $500,000.

As the saying goes, bigger is not always better.

Platinum at the Day Time Emmys

20 Jun

Platinum at the Day Time Emmys

I managed to catch a little of the 34th Annual daytime emmy awards this past weekend. While I'm a fan of a few day time soaps, for the most part, I tuned in for the glam and the sparkle, which I was glad to see plenty of.

Check out Mackenzie Mauzy with these double duty platinum bracelets. Along with these cuff bracelets, she's wearing a platinum and diamond ring and earrings. She definitely did not leave the bling at home!

Then Leven Rambin opted for multiple platinum bracelets (noticed many celebs are still doing the bracelet on each wrist thing), cocktail rings, and earrings.

Finally, not to be left out, Vivica Fox wroe platinum and kunzite earrings and a platinum and aqua bracelet.


Thank you to the Platinum Guild for the great pictures.