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Friday Favorites from Charm and Chain

4 Mar

Did you know that Anne Hathaway was paid $750,000 to wear Tiffany’s jewelry all throughout the Oscars? Other stars were also paid to wear jewelry that wasn’t theirs! Only if we were so lucky. For now here are some beautiful pieces from Charm & Chain for your Friday:

Blue Topaz Drop Earrings
Blue Topaz Drop Earrings
Brave New World Earrings by Erickson Beamon:



Brave New World Earrings


Vintage Ring
Vintage Ring, 54.9

Woven Citrine Hinge Cuff

Jewelry makes pretty clothing look WOW

25 Oct

One of the most common situations women often find ourselves in is trying to find the right jewelry to match an outfit we want to wear.

While we usually find something that will work, there are times that we just can't find the look we want. We want to wear the jewelery but just don't have the right clothes. The good news is, that means we can go out and buy some pretty clothing.

When you have favorite jewelry you naturally want to wear it often. But if you only have a couple of outfits to wear it with, it can be frustrating. A piece of jewelry can make a simple outfit look spectacular so its not always necessary to spend lots of money when buying clothes to match.

Use your earrings, necklace, brooch, or bracelet to dress your clothes up, or down. Experiment with your wardrobe and see how many looks you can create.

They Call It Ugly Jewelry…

8 May

But I beg to differ.

Recently I came across Ugly Jewelry. I find the pieces to give off a vintage vibe, and they are definitely unique… but why, WHY? Why call your company Ugly Jewelry? It perplexes me, but I find that the collection is so different and sentimental.

They Call It Ugly Jewelry...
© ugly Jewelry 2010

I found some pearl earrings on made by Ugly Jewelry. They are asymmetrical dangle earrings with several different colored pearls. They are extremely classy and look like something you'd find in grandma's jewelry box (in a good way). You can grab these earrings from Etsy for $67, which isn't bad considering that they are real pearls and silver weighing down those lovely lobes.

So, I am still puzzled with the whole ugly jewelry concept… all of the featured pieces are insanely unique and vintage inspired, but I would be shot sooner than say it's ugly. I don't know! Take a look for yourself. Save my sanity.

A Dash of Gold Completes the Outfit

11 Apr

A Dash of Gold Completes the Outfit

Edgy and daring. That's how the Presh Gold Chain Sunburst Cuffs are described on the Max & Chloe website.

Really? I wouldn't say so.

They are not black, nor is there any pointy steel hardware to be found. I think they look quite demure, and rather beautiful.

Still, I suppose it takes a certain type of person to wear a cuff in the first place – they're definitely not for everyone.

I really love the Presh cuffs. I think the color choices are great, and the design is cool. I'm also a huge sucker for gold. For not a lot of money (these are $73 a piece), it makes you look shiny and put together.

Plus, gold hardware has gotten less expensive, and I personally own a lot of it. On a bag or belt, it elevates any outfit. And what could be better than that?

Maybe a white cuff with gold chain to finish the look!

Photo above is from

Amazonite: the New Turquoise

11 Apr

Amazonite: the New Turquoise

I have this thing where I get obsessed with certain colors. Lately it's been turquoise. It's a summer thing: I always get obsessed with turquoise in the summer.

I know, you're thinking "it's April! Summer's not exactly around the corner!" This is true. Summer isn't here yet, but the promise of warm weather hangs in the air. Even though I work in an office five days of the week, I always feel like summer represents vacation time and leisurely days spent by the pool.

Pool… Turquoise… you get the idea.

Dana Kellin is my new muse. Her work is all over the web. Most of it has an unfortunate homemade quality, but she has a number of lovely pieces with coiled 14k gold and well-chosen gemstones.

Dana has embraced amazonite, which is a greenish stone. Set in gold, it looks terrific, and she has at least thee pieces I'd love to own – a round amazonite pendant, a larger oval pendant, and also a set of earrings.

If I had to choose, the oval pendant would win, hand's down. But, thanks to Dana, it's a tough competition!

Photo above from

Etsy for Kids

11 Apr

Etsy for Kids

I'm a little obsessed with I get bored with the same-old, same-old jewelry styles out there, and Etsy has some really great designers.

My friend's little girl (age five) wears jewelry sometimes. She loves it. Little rings, little pendants, tiny bracelets. I admit that at first I found it disturbing – evidence that the child was growing up too fast.

But then I remembered how much I loved putting on my mother's jewelry when I was a little kid and how incredibly fun it was to play "dress up." They didn't make child-sized jewelry in those days.

I know everyone sells kid jewelry now and some of it costs a pretty penny. Etsy carries a lot of great designs for kids or for adults, and the price point is such that there's no pain if the necklace you select ends up part of your child's "dress up" collection.

I particularly love the Watermelon Blossoms with Moss Green and Cocoa Brown Ribbon Necklaces (what a mouthful!). At $12.99, the price is fair, and it's a lovely accessory. I also thought the Bee's Knees Necklace would be cute for a child (or an adult!), and it's only $16.50.

Check out the sellers' other items while you're at it. There are lots of great designs to be had, and all under $20.00!

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Bejeweled by Kate Spade

14 Mar

Bejeweled by Kate Spade

Kate Spade doesn't just make bags – she makes shoes, clothing, glasses, paper and yes, fantastic jewelry. Her designs are smartly simple: mimicking diamonds and gems set in yellow gold, with an old-world flair.

Of course, Spade uses glass instead of gemstones and she sets her cut glass in 12 karat gold plate. The bill for the items is consummately low. Take her Gumdrop Studs. They look like amethyst but are not, and at $38 for the pair, they're a steal.

Or the Know the Ropes Scatter Necklace – in 12 Karat gold, it's 32" long so it can be looped around twice. The knot motif is old as the hills (think Tiffany) but has been repurposed here for a classy, versatile necklace.

My favorite is the Lady Marmalade Small Bracelet. The pave crystals look to me like old world diamonds. They are, in fact, just glass in a clever setting. The perfect selection for an evening out, or even something to dress up a pair of jeans, Kate Spade has classic down to a science.

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A Bracelet to Fool the Eye

13 Mar

A Bracelet to Fool the Eye

About once a year, I go to an event where I'm completely outshone by people who out-dress me and out-accessorize me. The event is usually a benefit, or a swank New Year's party. In the other words, it's an event where I don't quite belong.

It's always awkward – part of my brain knows that it really isn't important whether the dress I'm wearing is two seasons old or whether my shoes are from Marshalls. In a way, frugality is a point of pride. But truthfully, there's always that urge to fit in and look like I can afford a certain lifestyle.

This is where costume jewelry comes in. I recently blogged about Swarovski Crystal's fun and whimsical jewelry. They also make really elegant pieces that can pass for the real thing. Ann Taylor is carrying a Swarovski Crystal Stretch Bracelet that would fool all but the most discerning eyes. It really looks like a vintage piece.

So now I can don my cut glass and throw my shoulders back. Not only do I fit in with the crowd, I achieved "the look" for $135.00. Now that's satisfying.

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A Fab Collab

21 Feb

A Fab Collab

I love fab pieces as someone who focuses on accessories, necklaces always make me pause! Late last year, I had the chance to meet the designer/owner of Fenton and Fallon who creates mixed media pieces that combine ultra femme with a fabulous edge to it! Being able to go through the shop that is near one of my favorite restaurants in the Lower East Side was definitely a way to step into the mindset of a designer who understands the importance of a progressive style that still pays homage to styles that have been popular in the past. Chunky pieces with glitz and glamor are a staple within this designer's mind.

Fast forward to today when one of my favorite designers has a fabulous collaboration with J Crew! I love the pseduo nautical feel that is very present in J Crew's look while also bringing in those elements that are structural components to the concept of Fenton Fallon! This is perfect to take with you to brunch, the Hamptons and so much more. I love the metal chain as well as the bow which combines the sweet and the edge. If you're looking for a must see piece, this is definitely one that you should check out!

Echoes of Japan

19 Feb

Echoes of Japan

When I was in high school, I lived in Japan for six months. I was in a small town and didn't have a lot of English speaking friends. There was a lot of quiet – time to appreciate the beautiful mountains and rice paddies, the architecture, and the fine arts in the village: beautiful papers and fabrics. I brought home a kimono and it hung on my wall for many years. I'll never forget the richness of the color before the sun eventually faded it.

So recently I was delighted to catch this article in the Weekender about Squishy Sushi's recycled jewelry. With lots of gorgeous Japanese prints, the pieces take me back to my time in Japan, and to all the beautiful things made there.

Made of recycled materials, Squishy Sushi's concept is to use reclaimed images as art. I love this idea, but rarely have I seen it so effectively put into practice.

The recycled scrabble tile cufflinks are terrific, but the vintage domino pendants take the cake.

Everything can be found on their website, and the pieces can be purchased through The prices are reasonable. It's like traveling to another country – without the expense!

Photo above is from SquishySushi.