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Petmeds and Bling For Your Pets

15 Feb

Speaking of bling for your pets, the very first thing that comes to my mind is the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua. If you haven't seen it , it is a 2008 comedy film from Walt Disney Pictures featuring a Beverly Hills Chihuahua named Chloe (voice of Drew Barrymore) who was dognapped in Mexico.

Enough about the movie, all I wanted to say was, if you haven't seen dressed up and bling-ed pets then better see this one. The movie shows that pets can be glamorous creatures as well. Besides, pets really do need more than Petmeds. They need blings, dresses and other accessories as well. Most of the time pets can dress up like their owners too.

Long ago, I never thought that pets can be another 'accessory' to your get up all together. Just look at the pets belonging to the stars. Now they have blings for pets, even. (Whoever said the jewelries are for humans only?!) So… what bling is your pet wearing?

Polishing John Hardy Jewelry Using Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners

9 Feb

© John Hardy

When the worth of your jewelry pieces runs in the thousands of dollars, you'd want to take care of them properly. The care or your jewelry pieces will depend on what metals and gemstones they are made of. One easy way to clean and polish your valuables it by using ultrasonic jewelry cleaners.

How does an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner does its job? It's pretty much the same as brushing off dirt, but instead of a brush, vibration from ultrasonic waves knocks off dirt and stains off your jewelry.

The vibrating motion of the ultrasonic waves creates microscopic bubbles in the water or cleaning solution in a process called cavitation; millions of tiny bubbles knock into one another and into the items resting in the cleaning tank. The cavitation process gently knocks dirt off the jewelry. The motion is very effective at penetrating the tiny crevices in jewelry that traditional cleaning cloths and topical cleaners cannot easily reach.

Because this method uses cleaning solutions that usually consist of non-ionic surfactants, detergents or ammonia, this cleaning method may not be suitable for all types of jewelry. For example, your John Hardy silver pieces can be restored to their original gleam using an ultrasonic cleaners, but your opals, pearls, emeralds and other soft stones are better off with more gentle polishing methods.

Jewelry as Baby Shower Favors

3 Feb

During baby showers, it's not only the mom-to-be who receives presents. It has now become the norm to give out favors to guests at a baby shower party to say 'thank you' for being there and for their guests to remember the event by.

When it comes to baby shower favors, there are plenty of options that will suit every budget. The classic choices are small gift items that are baby related, but since the recipients are not the ones who will become new parents soon, it could be also be totally unrelated to babies, pregnancy or children.

If your guests are mostly women, small trinkets or jewelry will surely be well-appreciated. It doesn't have to be like the $600 pearl bracelets Tori Spelling's guests were given during her baby shower party. Choose something simple and classic in design that will be well-received by women with varying tastes. At the end of the day, it's still the thought that counts, not the price tag.

Discount Jewelry That Turns Heads

28 Jan

Discount Jewelry That Turns Heads

Nordstrom has done something wonderful and added a $50-and-under tab to their jewelry search function. It's a clever idea, and rather refreshing when so many websites have $100-$150 as the starting price point.

A lot of what's in the $50 price point is for kids, but they have a nice selection of Kate Spade earrings there too. Her Garden Party Floral Earrings are really pretty and would be a lovely gift for a bridesmaid at a small wedding.

If you're shopping for yourself, the Lauren Small Cabochon Drop Earrings in Turquoise are lovely.

But what really caught my eye are the Cara Couture Leather Wrap Bracelets. They come in black, orange, yellow, turquoise (though I read from the reviews that it's more like a light blue), pink and white. The black comes in gold or silver, but the others all have a gold clasp.

They're super cool and at only $28.00 a piece, they're a nice gift for yourself (or for a friend) for spring!

Photo above is from

Tacori Engagement Rings… You Wish?

19 Jan

If it were up to you, would you rather be surprised with an engagement ring– you know, just like the romantic and creatively planned surprise wedding proposals you see in the movies where the guy magically pulls out a ring as he asks the question– or would you rather pick your own engagement ring?

Of course you'd like to receive something you actually would want to wear (and well, perhaps flaunt, to your friends and family). But how do you even broach the topic of choosing rings without sounding too presumptive? Not only would that be considered tacky, it can also be a bit awkward with budget and payment issues if your significant other doesn't have a deep pocket. Those Tacori engagement rings are stunning, but can he afford it? Sometimes, it's also not a simple question of what he can spend on a ring, but how much he wants to spend on a ring.

Ah, I say let him figure it out. Ultimately you'll have a wedding band anyway, and that's when you can have your say!

Discount Printing for an Etsy Jewelry Catalog?

21 Dec

I swear, I am just drooling at all unique, handmade jewelry I see while browsing Etsy. Most of the pieces are really quite cheap, considering they are all hand crafted and are therefore unique. Sure, a seller can make dozens of a particular style, but because the each piece is made by hand, there's bound to be slight differences with each final product.

At any rate, Etsy sure beats any jeweler's catalog in terms of variety. From the classic silver and gold chains and rings to precious gemstones to paper (yes, paper!) Etsy has them all. I wonder if there's a print version of Etsy. It cannot be that expensive to produce a print catalog with discount printing packages. If a seller can "promote her item" by paying for a premium listing, why not for a print listing?

Go have a look at the range of jewelry at Etsy and you'll see what I mean!