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Something Borrowed, Something Blue

17 Mar

As March nears its end, many brides are preparing for June weddings. Dresses are chosen. Veils are selected. Flowers are picked. Dining halls and fancy hotels are booked. Invitations are sent.


The finishing touch is bridal jewelry. Selecting the perfect pieces to accentuate the bride’s dress is all-important. How does one choose from the many options available?


If the bride-to-be keeps with current trends, sterling silver and gemstones of green and blue hues are popular selections today. The Oscar runway contained several accessories with these attributes. Be a star on your big day with jewelry from West Coast Silver.



Another recent trend in wedding attire is a new color blue. For the classy bride, try jewelry in a navy tone. Sterling silver accentuates the deep, dark blue.





Fine jewelry has also become a classic bridesmaids’ gift. Brides often offer a small token of their appreciation for all their friends have done to see them through the planning process and preparations. West Coast Silver has a wonderful selection of unique jewelry certain to express thanks to your maids in waiting.

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Fresh Accessories for Spring 2011

22 Feb

Spring lingers just around the corner, and women throughout the United States are going through their closets, updating their wardrobes and searching for the perfect accessories to polish off their look.

If you’re one of those women joining me in the search to find treasure for your jewelry box, I’ve discovered a few pieces for you to add to your collection.

These earrings will add oceanic color to accentuate the white pieces in your wardrobe. Made of sterling silver and Lapis, they translate from daytime to evening wear.

This beautiful silver filigree pendant can be hung from a sleek silver chain, a choker or chord. Buying pendants allows you to fit the necklace to your personal style.

Cabochon stone jewelry is hot this season, especially in a variety of shapes. These rings will add that extra flare to your spring wardrobe. Set in exclusive West Coast Sterling Silver, they will become a lifetime piece for your collection.

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Beautiful Valentine Jewelry without Hearts

3 Feb

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and many women receive jewelry from their significant others in the shape of a heart. It is sort of cute the first time, but once you are older and collect a little pile of various hearts it gets kind of boring. So here is a tip for men, if your beloved is a little more mature, don’t give her more tacky and cliche heart jewelry! Here are some pieces I saw recently that would make your darling feel like a queen:

Colleen Lopez 6.65ct Sapphire and Diamond Sterling Silver “Buckle” 7-1/2″ Bracelet” from HSN

Colleen Lopez 6.65ct Sapphire and Diamond Sterling Silver

Rarities: Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie 21.39ct Colors of Sapphire and Diamond Earrings from HSN

Rarities: Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie 21.39ct Colors of Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

Tagliamonte “Cupid” Capri Blue Venetian Glass Charm Bracelet

So please, give something unique this Valentine’s day.

Gauge Earrings

14 May

So you are walking through the mall, thinking about picking out a new set of diamond earrings, until you see a young rebellious looking kid donning these things in his ears that stretch the whole quite a few inches. Despite the manners your momma gave you, you gape- jaw slack, eyes wide, and brows together at this crazy sight. What is in his ears? And how did he do it?

Gauge Earrings

Gauges. Gauges are tribal inspired earrings that are actually objects used to stretch a pierced hole in the earlobe to enormous widths. Only recently has it been a hit in America's youth, but the practice has been in effect for hundreds of years in Africa and other tribal regions.

Ears are pierced with a small needle about the size of the stud of a normal earring. However, once the opening heals, large gauged earrings will be forced in the hole in order to stretch the skin. Sizes range from 18g to 3 inches (and more in some cases).

There are risks when it comes to gauging the ears. A lot of times, the skin can tear. The only solution to skin tearing is surgery, and even after the surgery a gory scar remains.

Take A Bite Out of Beauty: Twlight Earrings

24 Apr

Take A Bite Out of Beauty: Twlight Earrings
© Twilight Style 2010

The world of Twilight is expanding exponentially (whether we like it or not). It was only a matter of time before jewelry designers banked on the growing trend. Regardless of the series' popularity, the jewelry is definitely a beauty in its own.

With the gothic-inspired style, the Twlight Chandelier Earrings give off a sophisticated vibe. Geared more towards a formal look, the blood red swarovski crystals emit a very sexy persona, smoothed down by the delicate sterling silver wire. The draped chandelier look adds an air of elegance to a neat updo, or flashes a bit of mystery when concealed within the hair.

The earrings go for about $45 through many of the Twilight Fansites and come in many variations. Also available are necklaces, bracelets, and movie replicas.

Citrine Drops Unearthed

19 Apr

Citrine Drops Unearthed

Random finds on the web always excite me. It is the dream of every blogger to find the undiscovered site with a trove of cool items.

I was trolling for said mystery-website when I came across Amber Marie Bently, one of those mysterious and severely overpriced websites that stay in business despite all odds.

I was looking for a gold cuff. It has become an obsession of mine to find and own one, but they are shockingly expensive. I suppose with gold prices being what they are these days, I shouldn't be surprised. Nonetheless, when I see four-figures attached to a plain cuff, my jaw gets bruised from hitting the floor.

Anyway, Amber Marie Bently makes a $5624.00 solid flower gold cuff, and they also make these lovely citrine drops for the much more reasonable price of $200.00.

I think they're beautiful. Hope you agree!

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Tierdrop Earrings

5 Apr

Tierdrop Earrings

I'll never forget shopping for my engagement ring (who could?) I went with one of my best friends, and we found the ring right away. But the store was full of beautiful things, so we kept on looking, even after the main goal was accomplished.

My friend gravitated to a grape-like arrangement of cognac diamonds in different colors. They were the most beautiful chandelier earrings I have ever seen, and with a price tag of $7500, you better believe that the store managers knew it.

My friend declined – she thought the price was outrageous, and she was right. Still, I love a graceful drop earring, especially a loosely formed, grape-like style. So fun for a party, and also great for day wear, to liven up a pair of jeans.

JCrew makes a Tierdrop Earring from glass beads that is absolutely gorgeous. The color is unfortunately "hthr petrol" (could they mean Heather Petrol?). Still, naming the color of the glass beads after gasoline won't stop me from acquiring these. At $55.00, they're a steal!

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Brainwashed by Fashion

28 Mar

Brainwashed by Fashion

In Touch Magazine is evil.

And so is In Style, and Self, and just about every other magazine that convinces me, though pretty pictures, to part with my money.

It all started with a free-giveaway contest that I lost. In Touch was giving away these amazing Viv & Ingrid Large Spiral Hoop Earrings in turquoise. I was gaga over them. I entered the drawing with visions of the glorious hoops dancing in my head.

It was not to be. I didn't win the drawing.

For awhile I tried to forget about them – I didn't really need them. They might be ugly in-person (so to speak). Maybe they're heavy, or uncomfortable, or not real gold.

In the end, though, it turned out they're gold-filled, and summer is coming. Nothing speaks of summer more than turquoise. Turquoise with jeans, with white pants, with my bikini in Hawaii… while sipping a Piña Colada…

Okay, sorry about that – I was day-dreaming. Hm. It seems that while I was dreaming, my finger slipped and I ordered them… and filled out the credit card information… and now they're coming to me via UPS.

How could that be? I guess I was brainwashed by the fashion magazines. It wouldn't be the first time!

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The Cameo Re-Imagined

27 Mar

The Cameo Re-Imagined

I was in an antique mall in La Jolla, California when I spotted the earrings. After touring the warehouse for the better part of an hour, I was tired and ready to leave. But then a glint of color caught my eye.

There, on the rack was a collection of Extasia earrings in every color. Beautiful, classic, colorful and absolutely stunning on, I was struck with indecision. Which ones to buy?

I was with my parents. My dad frowns on earrings (I can still remember his shock and dismay when I came home with pierced ears at age twelve); he made a face, and for a moment I wavered.

Then my mom stepped in. She thought they were beautiful and she offered to buy me a pair. Guilt washed over me as I realized I couldn't depart with just one – I had to have the purple ones for evening, and the gold for day. I thought, "here are these incredible artisan earrings – I'll never see anything like them ever again! I better buy two pairs."

Little did I know, Extasia can be found online. Well… I'm glad. Because now I know where to go if I want more!

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Wearing Earrings and Miracle Ear Hearing Aids

19 Feb

For a long long time, there were no ear accessories designed for those who need to wear hearing aids. It was as if wearing a Miracle ear and fashion earrings were mutually exclusive. Well, in fact, until recent developments in hearing aid designs, wearing earrings and hearing aids at the same time made it too heavy for an earlobe to bear, the discomfort was just not worth it. Besides, who would want to accessorize the ear and draw attention to it, when you also have a conspicuous medical device on it?

But nowadays, there are hearing aids that no longer loop around the earlobe, but are placed inside the ear. The modern ones are also so tiny and light, comfort is no longer an issue. I have also come across patents to hearing aids that are disguised as earrings, and designs that are even suitable for men! Isn't it trendy?