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Super Coupon Codes for for February

8 Feb is offering some awesome deals on their quality diamond jewelry this month. Here are the list of coupon codes available:

Diamond Earrings

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Create Your Own Diamond Ring at and Save 10%!

3 Feb

Valentine’s day is coming up and it is a very popular time to propose. offers you the chance to create your own engagement ring. There is a No Risk 30-Day Return Policy and free shipping on all orders.

Here are some of the other beautiful diamond jewelry available at

EDY_110467 Black Diamond Earrings
Black Diamond Earrings

BDY_109482 Diamond Cuff Bracelet

Diamond Cuff

Organize Your Favorite Jewelry with Nice Jewelry Boxes

14 Sep

After you have collected a few necklaces and rings you will quickly realize that you need a place to keep these special parts of your wardrobe. Any woman with more than a few pieces will find that it is not only difficult but tedious to keep jewlerly without a special place for their keeping. Jewelry boxes have been around for most of human history and they were invented for just this purpose.

The beauty of modern jewelry boxes can be found in their many different compartments and levels. The purpose of all the hooks, compartments, and otherwise is to keep necklaces from getting jumbled together or rings from getting lost in a pile. These special holders and places are created specifically to keep your jewelry both safe and well organized.

The extra benefit to jewelry boxes is that fact that they make great conversation pieces. They tend to be extremely beautiful and are often ultra-feminine. The make a great detail in your room in addition to keeping your precious belongings safe.

The Beauty of Jewelry

9 Aug

I have always been enamored by the elegance that the right accessory can bring to a woman's natural beauty. The right necklace, bracelet, or wrist watch does more than just accentuate an outfit, it can accentuate the woman. Not only does jewelry bring out natural beauty in many cases, it also brings out the personality of the woman wearing it.

Think about how much jewelry can change your perception of a woman. Imagine a woman wearing a hemp choker necklace and a string of shells. Now imagine her wearing a string of pearls and simple matching earrings. This woman's whole persona has changed before your eyes just from the neck up. This is something that only jewelry can do.

Great jewelry doesn't have to be expensive either. Dazzling jewelry like solitaire studs and diamond rings can be affordable if you know where to look. And though jewelry isn't the automatic ticket to being beautiful, it is way of enhancing beauty and transferring a message to the world.

Something as seemingly insignificant as a pair of earrings can change not only how people view you, but how you view yourself.

That Little Blue Box

14 Feb

That Little Blue Box

Tiffany and Valentine's Day go hand-in hand.

Let's face it – even for the skeptics among us, there's magic associated with that little blue box.

I've only received two Tiffany & Co. gifts in my life, and I'll always remember them. The excitement associated with the box was so great that even though the contents didn't quite work out (the keychain wouldn't stay screwed shut and a silver necklace was traded in for an upgrade), I still remember the gift-givers with gratitude.

I know everyone complains that Tiffany is overpriced, but their designs are classic and that's what you pay for. What I've always really appreciated is their silver jewelry. After all, how many stores with a branch on Rodeo Drive offer really nice pendants and earrings under $100?

And best of all, if you don't love it, you can trade it in, which is how I ended up with these indispensable twist knot earrings. Now there's a gift to remember.

Photo above is from

It’s Not a Fake!

6 Feb

It's Not a Fake!

Now I've seen it all., where I buy books and vitamins, is selling high-end jewelry. And I mean really high-end. is selling a $420,000 ring. I kid you not – I found it on the site, and my jaw hit the floor. Who mail-orders a half million dollar piece of jewelry? And what's the return policy?

Almaz Jewelers appears to be the source of much of this high-end stuff. And they do, in fact, have a very fair return policy. Within 30 days, you can return or exchange any item (unless you've had it special ordered – engraved, for example). I'm not going to lie to you – they have some really beautiful things. This stunning pair of sapphire and diamond earrings takes my breath away.

I mentally add up my entire life savings, and click to another page.

I find myself looking at what appears to be the most expensive piece of jewelry on Priced at $1,111,000.00, The Natural Sapphire Company is offering a 69.35 carat natural untreated blue sapphire ring. Do I need to tell you that there were no customer reviews for this product? I mean really. The stone is so huge it looks like costume jewelry.

It may cost a million dollars, but in one way, it's a bargain: shipping is free!

Gemstone Gelateria

28 Jan

Gemstone Gelateria

I love gelato. When I was in Italy a million years ago, I fell in love with Gianduja – which is a sweet chocolate mixed with hazelnut paste. When I was married, I made sure Gianduja gelato was part of the dessert menu.

So it seems cruel, somehow, that this stunning necklace is called a "Gelato Necklace." I can only guess the designer, Ippolita Rostagno, looked at a case of gelato with its many colors of ice cream and chose the name that inspired her. If only I could look at a case of ice cream and think of clever ideas. My brain usually blanks out and all I can think is, "Should I get the large and be happy? Or get the small, and remain guilt-free?"

On Ippolita's website, she has many lovely colors of this necklace. This particular chain has mother of pearl, clear quartz, blue topaz, London blue topaz, turquoise, light amethyst and green amethyst.

Green was the color of my skin when I saw it: I am in love.

Rina Limor Jewelry

20 Aug

Italian Fine Jewelry

Inspired by the fine workmanship and creativity of Italian jewelry, Rina Limor's passion for innovative design is coupled with a stunning talent for creating collections that unequivocally resonate with the women of today – women, who themselves, want jewelry pieces that are versatile, stylish, and evoke an independent sense of elegance.

sapphire bracelet
Rina Limor Sterling Silver White Enamel Sapphire Bangle
Sterling silver white enameled bangle. Mounted with 214 multiple colored sapphires, weighing together a total of 11.54 carat. With a unique appeal, and beautiful design, this piece is bound to compliment any outfit. The bracelet cuff measures 2 1/4".

gold and gemstone ring
Rina Limor 18K Gold Diamond & Citrine Ring
18 karat yellow gold diamond and citrine ring. (2.40 carat total citrine weight) (0.22 carat total diamond weight) Princess collection created by Rina Limor.

gemstone and pearl necklace
Rina Limor Sterling Silver Sapphire & Pearl Necklace
Sterling silver 18" natural freshwater pearl (9.5mm) necklace mounted with multi-colored natural faceted sapphires.

Rina Limor's exclusive collection includes jewelry fashioned in 18-karat gold, pearls, and vibrant precious and semiprecious gems. And Rina Limor's unparalleled selection of platinum bridal jewelry offers an elegant selection of wedding rings and complementing fashion jewelry for the perfect bridal ensemble. As with the ever-changing world of fashion, Rina Limor continues to invoke a fusion of excitement, energy and elegance into each season's new collection.

Gurhan Jewelry

18 Aug

Turkish 24K Gold Jewelry

This extraordinary collection of handmade jewelry is from the Turkish master craftsman Gurhan Orhan. Based in New York and Istanbul, Gurhan uses pure 24K gold combined with some of the most beautiful gemstones I have ever seen. Drawing inspiration from his rich cultural heritage and the ancient history of his ancestors, Gurhan pays tribute to traditional goldsmithing techniques with emphasis on modern style. Gurhan Jewelry reminds us just how wonderful pure yellow gold jewelry looks and feels.

opal ring
24K Gold Rune Ring with Opal and Diamonds
Nine stunning opals of varying shapes and sizes are warmly wrapped in 24ct gold. Sitting in deep bezel setting with a closed back, the largest opal is 4mm by 6mm. The ring is finished with two rose cut diamonds and its own unique identity number which is inscribed on the inside of the band.

24K gold earrings
24K Gold Orbe Earrings with Diamonds
Featuring a round delicately hammered disc with three stunning diamond briolettes suspended in front, the disc measures 2 ½ cm in diameter. Suspended from a fine ear wire the total length of these designer earrings is 38mm.

pearl bracelet
24K Gold Harika Bracelet with Pearls
This designer bracelet is made from a stunning spring of 24K Turkish gold with a brushed satin finish and is finished with two cabochon emeralds. Along its coil are pearls of varying size and there is a solitary gold disc bearing Gurhan's signature. This bracelet would make a unique accompaniment to any wedding dress.

Unlike many jewelry designers, Gurhan is entirely self taught. Not one to be confined behind a workbench, he likes to create at the beach, inspired by the stones and metals he touches and feels. Gurhan is committed to designing and creating jewelry that is comfortable to wear, sensual to touch, and timeless. His use of pure 24 karat yellow gold creates warmth and deep sensuality, communicating an exotic energy to the woman wearing his earrings, rings, necklaces, or bracelets.

Versace Jewelry

17 Aug

Italian Fine Jewelry

Several lines make up Versace Group: Gianni Versace Couture, Versace Jeans Couture, Versace Home Collection, Versus, and Versace Collection. Gianni Versace Couture, which contains high-end, often handmade apparel, jewelry, watches, fragrances, cosmetics and home furnishings, is the House's main line. Traditionally, this is the only line presented on the runway which is shown during Milan Fashion Week, but this has not been strictly the case in recent years.

citrine ring
Citrine and Diamond White Gold Ring
The dazzling center citrine gemstone in Versace's Character cocktail ring is set in a unique, partial bezel setting framed by a stunning array of brilliant-cut pave diamonds (0.35ctw) for a rich and regal touch.

diamond watch
Ladies' Mother of Pearl & Diamond Watch
This watch features a case with 32 tsavorite and 0.47ctw diamonds framing the Mother-of Pearl dial with a date window, and a Quartz Swiss ETA movement. Italian Design, Swiss made.

topaz ring
Topaz and Diamonds White Gold Ring
Versace's opulent blue topaz ring set in 18K white gold is accented by two symmetrical V's with round, brilliant-cut pave diamonds (0.37ctw) for a touch of instant glamour.

Donatella Versace directly heads this line and designs a vast amount of the items. The line is distributed through 56 boutiques and flagship stores, and 1800 multi-brand points of sale, including Internet-based shops. Versace Sport comprises active wear and accessories. Versace has taken the fashion industry by storm in the last few years with Donatella's independent, strong woman inspired collection, but at the same time making it look sexy, fierce, and chic.