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Get Great Accessories Without Breaking the Bank

28 Oct

If you love accessorizing each new outfit with beautiful and stylish jewelry but your budget won't allow it, consider making new pieces. It's easier than you think and is a great creative outlet. Designing and assembling new accessories allows you to wear things you love without breaking the bank. So before you go out and get a few payday loans to subsidize your passion, try your hand at making your own beautiful pieces.

Getting Started

Take a trip to your local craft store and you will be surprised at that quality and diversity of the products available to you. Next, check out internet sources. Now that you know what is available, collect pictures of pieces you would like to try your hand at. Examine catalogs and make a list of the pieces you love. Many craft stores, libraries, and community centers offer beading and jewelry making classes. Have an art museum nearby? Museums often offer classes in fine metal crafting, cloisonné, and ceramics.

Assemble Your Tools and Materials

The old saying, "A craftsman is no better than his tools" is true for jewelry making as well as any other craft. Having the correct pliers, tweezers, and bead sorting tools will make the assembly process easier, guaranteeing a beautifully rendered piece you can be proud of. For your first piece, you may want make a piece from an instruction booklet. These books are an excellent way to learn, guiding you through each step and offering tips that will greatly simplify the process.

Be Patient as You Acquire New Skills

Don't expect perfection in the beginning. Be careful to choose projects that are within your skill set. Nothing is more discouraging than trying a project that is just beyond your ability. Start small and build up to more complex projects. Soon your friends will begin asking you to make them jewelry like yours.

Legend of the Hope Diamond

23 Sep

Other than, perhaps shoes, is no item marketed or associated with female tastes more than diamonds. The "diamonds are a girl's best friend" culture has turned diamonds into mythical items that symbolize love, lust and power. Of all legends associated with diamonds few match the stories surrounding the Hope Diamond.

The 45-carat blue diamond is displayed at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. How it arrived is debated. Early 20th century accounts stated that the Hope Diamond was taken from an eye of a statue of the Hindu goddess Sita. While these reports have been largely debunked the actual history of the diamond is rift with folklore.

The Hope Diamond is believed to have been spawned from the Tavernier Blue Diamond. The Tavernier Blue was a 112-carat diamond that likely came from the Kollur mine in India. French traveler Jean-Baptiste Tavernier returned to France from India with the massive gems, which he sold to French aristocracy. In 1669, Tavernier sold the diamond and others to King Louis XIV for gold. Louis XIV commissioned his court to re-cut the diamond to be the crown jewel of French royalty.

The legend of the curse began more than 100 years after the diamond arrived in France. During the hectic days of the French Revolution, King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette lost their heads to the guillotine and the diamond was spirited away by thieves. The stone was re-cut to avoid detection, but such a large and unique diamond could not hide forever.

Almost 20 years after the diamond had gone missing the stone reappeared, which proved to be almost exactly as long as the statute of limitations for stealing the crown jewels. Stories began to surround the diamond almost immediately after it reemerged. The blue diamond had supposedly brought suffering to all who came into possession of it. Cursed or not the Hope Diamond is remembered.

Choosing bridal underwear can be as important as choosing the wedding jewelry

17 Sep

Choosing bridal underwear can be as important as choosing the wedding jewelry
© rayand

It is easy to understand why brides get wedding nerves…..when everything from the place settings to the lingerie has to be perfect; there is a lot at stake. When problems with place settings will long be forgotten, the wedding night will last in memory for a lifetime.

Choosing bridal underwear can be as important as choosing the wedding jewelry or the groom. When what you want needs to be stylish – yet provocative, classic – yet enticing, breath taking – yet comfortable, the decisions can take hours.

When there is only one wedding night, there is no room for doubt. Spend as much time as needed to check out all the options; after all, a bra and panties can be worn every day. Take a chance and express the woman within by wearing a bustier, or a classic corset with suspenders. What about the special 'wedding set', fashioned specifically for the night in question.

Leave others to deal with place settings while you focus on what matters most, the wedding night.

Organize Your Favorite Jewelry with Nice Jewelry Boxes

14 Sep

After you have collected a few necklaces and rings you will quickly realize that you need a place to keep these special parts of your wardrobe. Any woman with more than a few pieces will find that it is not only difficult but tedious to keep jewlerly without a special place for their keeping. Jewelry boxes have been around for most of human history and they were invented for just this purpose.

The beauty of modern jewelry boxes can be found in their many different compartments and levels. The purpose of all the hooks, compartments, and otherwise is to keep necklaces from getting jumbled together or rings from getting lost in a pile. These special holders and places are created specifically to keep your jewelry both safe and well organized.

The extra benefit to jewelry boxes is that fact that they make great conversation pieces. They tend to be extremely beautiful and are often ultra-feminine. The make a great detail in your room in addition to keeping your precious belongings safe.

Toms Shoes — Buy Two and Give Two

27 Aug

Let's face it. In today's green and eco-conscious world, there are a large number of shoppers who prefer to spend their money with companies that remain good stewards of our environmental resources and that give back to those who are less fortunate. Tom's has mastered the art of both, making them a favorite of hippies, earthies, and greenies all over the world. Toms Shoes is based in Santa Monica California, and it was begun after the owner visited a third-world country and was made aware of the plight of children within that country and in other third-world countries. These unfortunate children were forced to go around without shoes.

Tom's offers stylish shoe selections for men, women, and children, including flats, wedges, boots, and even wedding shoes. The designs range from Plain Jane to funky fresh with a large variety of colors and prints. Along with the wonderful designs, Tom's uses eco-friendly materials to make all its shoes. Vegans can select from a variety of styles that are 100 percent animal and animal byproduct free.

The company's basic mission was to provide shoes for children in need. Every time you buy a Tom's shoe, the company will donate a pair of shoes to a child who has none. Tom's brand is currently offered by a number of retailers, and you can also purchase the shoes online at the company website. The website also offers other fashion items for sale, including hats, flags, and t-shirts. The hats will result in the donation of a pair of shoes to a child in need, as well. Purchasers of Tom's shoes have the best of both worlds. Not only do they get a new cute pair of comfy earth-friendly shoes, but they also know they are making a true difference in a child's life.

Just because a diamond is colored doesn’t mean it is fake.

21 Jun

Just because a diamond is colored doesn’t mean it is fake.
© clagnut

Even though most people will own some diamonds in their life, they are still considered to be a luxury. That is because, for many, the diamonds they will own will be slivers of diamonds or small carats placed in wedding bands, engagement rings, bracelets, tie pins, cuff links, necklaces and earrings. Unless one is rich, anything bigger will just be a dream.

Owning large, high quality diamonds is still accepted as a sign that we have 'made it' in the money world. It is even acceptable for men to wear earrings now and many pop stars and athletes sport on or two in their ears. While very much a prized gem, diamonds only became sought after an expensive and prolonged marketing campaign by De Beers, the diamond experts. Now, everyone wants a diamond.

Diamonds naturally come in many colors and, the better the hue of the color, the more expensive the diamond is. Some jewelers also add color to low quality diamonds, while this, is of course, all perfectly legal, it allows lesser quality diamonds to gain a higher price because the added color can hide flaws. Some people are wary of colored diamonds and think they are fake. While they certainly can be, it is not the color alone that would make them fake. As always, when spending a lot of money on jewelry, always shop with reputable dealers.

Sculpted Jewelry Tree for Women Jewelry

1 Apr

Sculpted Jewelry Tree for Women Jewelry
© lu_lu

I've got a couple of fairly large jewelry boxes. I bought large ones not because I have tons of jewelry, but because I hate wading through the jumble of chains, earrings, pendants, bracelets, et cetera that my jewelry box almost always eventually turn into. I figured that if I have to fish out bobs and pieces through the chaos that's in the box, then let it be a big box so I at least have space to move things around.

But not with my important pieces. Anyone who appreciates jewelry should invest in a good stand to showcase her favorite pieces. There are plenty of jewelry trees out in the market, but make sure that when you get one, it's heavy and sturdy enough and won't topple over when you hang your chains, hoops and precious gems on it. It would be nice to get something that would great on the top of your dresser, with or without an assortment of women jewelry on it. And lastly, there need to be a catchment of sorts where you can place items that can't be hung, like stud earrings, brooches and luxury pendants.

Kendra Smooth has more nifty tips on organizing jewelry.

Fyer Designs and Your Jewelry Business

17 Feb

I don't know about you, but my mailbox- both real and electronic- have been inundated with ads for jewelry the last few weeks prior to Valentines' Day. I must say that some flyer designs are so creative, my interest has been piqued many times, even though I had no intention of getting more blings. That's the mark of an effective marketing campaign!

Many of you read this blog for the eye-candy, but I also know that some of you are in the business, handcrafting and selling accessories, or offering jewelry making courses. You guys should take a leaf from the big blokes in the business in terms of marketing campaigns. There are many flyer templates available out there, and with a little bit of tinkering with your computer mouse and keyboard, and lots of creativity, you'll be amazed at the quality of advertising materials you can come up right from your own home! You don't need to spend much, but with a little bit of effort, you can launch your business out of obscurity!

Above Ground Pool or Beach: be fashionable!

15 Feb

Above Ground Pool or Beach: be fashionable!
© bdjsb7

It's summer time in my part of the globe and whether you are swimming in an above ground pool or the beach, make sure you have the appropriate swimwear and added pizzaz.

For the beach, I'd say jewelries made out of seashells, beads and other semi-precious stones are most appropriate. Think along the lines of stuff that won't tarnish in sea water and too much exposure in the sun. Anything in gold does not disappoint either. But then don't wear too much jewelries when going swimming as you don't want to totally lose your valuables. Besides, you don't go to the beach to just display your fashionable self. You are there for the sun, the tan, and the water, right? Well…unless you want to do it like the celebrities.

But then you can still be fashionable on the beach without putting on too much accessories.

Gear-up For Summer Vacation Deals

29 Jan

Hitting the beach this summer? Then start looking for summer vacation deals way ahead of time before they all run out. As long as there's a beach, it doesn't matter where the destination is. So, gear up for summer and the beach.

Swim wear? Check.
Rubber flip-flops? Check.
Snorkel equipments? Check
Hat, sun-visors and shades? Check.
Sun protection lotion? Check.
Beach jewelries? X

Speaking of jewelries…do you really need one on the beach? Not necessarily. But if you must insist, pick out jewelries appropriate for summer and the beach. Nothing extravagant necessary for a fashionable summer vacation. In fact, you can even make your own beach jewelry out of seashells and other beach-themed charms. Making your own beach jewelry will definitely save you some money.

So hit the beach this summer and don't forget to pack up your beach gears, jewelries and other accessories. Happy summer time, everyone. Have fun at the beach!