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Are You a Jewelry Blogger?

4 Jan

You love jewelry and accessories. You're fascinated with personal ornaments that glitters and shimmers, pieces that turns drab to fab. You keep track of the latest in the jewelry and fashion industry and you've been blogging about it.

The Jewelry Weblog needs you! See more details of what this job entails and if you think you can polish this gem of a blog to a real stunner, drop us a line at recruiting AT!

Good-Bye Jewelry Weblog Readers

30 Nov

Good-Bye Jewelry Weblog Readers

Today I say a very reluctant good-bye to my jewelry weblog here as well as the other work I've done with Creative Weblogging over the past couple of years. I can't tell you how much I have learned as a writer slash blogger and how much I will miss everyone who makes up this wonderful and supportive network.

This has not at all been an easy decision for me, but due to a general increase in my workload that includes a new full-time teaching position starting next year and two jewelry book deals that will carry me into the early summer, something had to go, and unfortunately that means my home here at the Jewelry Weblog. I have no doubt they will soon find a fabulous jewelry-loving replacement for me, so the blog will continue on and I hope readers will continue to return to see what's new here. I know that I'll be keeping an eye on it for sure.

I'll still be on the web. You can find me at Jewelry Making at,, and of course, my personal wacky blog, Fatand40.

I wish everyone at Creative Weblogging continued success.

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 11/22/07

22 Nov

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 11/22/07

Get ready to shop till you drop after you eat till you drop. Here are some tips on both counts to help you out from around the jewelry and fashion blogosphere.

Just in time for holiday shopping, Stiletto Jungle found 13 Junk Food vintage-look rocker tees on sale for 42% off.

Goyard caught the go-green bug with the new environmentally conscious Goyard St. Louis Shopper Tote. Bag Bliss has more..

Not sure what to wear this holiday? Grab a bit of Bottega Veneta from Bag Snob!

Beauty Snob explores the sexy Scent of Elle from YSL.

You can DIY your wedding without skimping on style. Enter to win a free copy of The DIY Wedding by Kelly Bare at Coquette.

Stay gorgeous & skinny by shaving an extra 1,000 fattening calories off your holiday feast without giving up the good life…Fashiontribes shows how.

KRiSTOPHER likes boss black leather and lapin.KRiSTOPHER loves boss black leather and lapin D&G Dolce & Gabbana gloves for winter.

Now that there is finally a chill in the air Second City Style has your winter wardrobe essentials and even tells you where to buy them. How easy is that?

Over at, the editors share what they're loving now.

Celebrity Styleaholic Najwa Moses gets up close and personal with Jennifer Hudson.

Browse through Stylehive's slideshow of the ten hottest (well, warmest) resorts and hotels to visit this holiday season.

WE LOVE is intrigued by the new beauty collection from Coach – especially the three lipsticks.

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 11/16/07

16 Nov

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 11/16/07

Normally I do my jewelry and fashion blog round ups on Sundays, but next week being a holiday week for those of us in the States, I decided to double up this week.

Starting off with ring and lots more goodies. Be prepared for any party invite this season with's list of 10 holiday must-haves. discovers Celeb Makeup Artist Paul Starr's newest obsession.

Stylehive gives you a sneak peek of Marc Jacobs' Visionaire 52 Private – sultry, gritty, and edgy photographs of our favorite celebs.

Celebrity Makeup Artist – and new blogger – Sam Fine stops by 55 Secret Street with his makeup secrets – and red velvet cupcakes!

Stiletto Jungle found a Lush-ous way to do good while you shop: Lush Charity Pot Lotion.

Bag Bliss' newest obsession, the Knoxx Roan Weekend Handbag.

Bag Snob is obsessed with the Devi Kroell shopper bag!

Beauty Snob fulfills the ultimate beauty fantasy with Bobbi Brown!

Whether you're dressing up or dressing down, Coquette shares her favorite hats to wear this winter.

Get the "Gossip Girl" look at Fashiontribes…even if you don't have a GG sized bank account.

GlamChiczooms in on Victoria's Secret's Surrealist-inspired runway show.

KRiSTOPHER gives away a gift certificate. And she doesn't even want brain in exchange.

My Fashion Life takes a look at the most recent concept in eco-chic – "Chopstick bras".

Papierblog deconstructs the new season of Project Runway and plays Vegas bookmaker

Second City Style asks celebrities: Does middle age mean a fashion meltdown in "WTF Was She Thinking?": Grandma Jezebel edition.

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 11/12/07

12 Nov

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 11/12/07

Stylehivechandelier earrings! Loves "Wind Kissed" Cheeks!

Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing Baby…55 Secret Street is not impressed with Roberto Cavalli's H&M line.

Has Paris Hilton gone soft? Stiletto Jungle features the not-so-Paris cozy cardigan she recently snapped up.

The Limited Edition Dooney & Bourke handbag designed by hayden panettiere is coming to a DB store near you. Bag Bliss has the scoop..

Bag Snob Guide: How to build the Ultimate Bag Wardrobe!

Beauty Snob escapes with organic bath swizzles from Fraiche!

Not just for evening anymore, Coquette's got her hands ready for the little clutch.

Daniel Saynt spots Alice + Olivia's Stacey Bendetwearing what can only be her new shoes for Payless. Guess you don't have to wait until February for a sneak peak.

Vintage style is great but the fit can be tricky, so Fashiontribes tracked down the Top 10 Vintage Reproduction websites.

KRiSTOPHER explains her name, "Kristopher? With a K?".

My Fashion Life lusts after the Marie trench coat by Vidler and Nixon. Trust us, its gorgeous!

Papierblog looks at fashion bloopers from past runway shows on Youtube.

Diva or Disaster? Read Second City Style's honest review about Rachel Zoe's new book "Style A to Zoe"

Jewelry & Fashion Bloggers Unite!

7 Nov

Jewelry & Fashion Bloggers Unite!

The read/write web has dramatically changed the Internet, and for the better. With a few key strokes and the click of a mouse, web writers can now publish news and information more quickly and that means all kinds of news, including fashion and jewelry news, which I cover here.

The electronic apparatus has provided an outlet for jewelry journalists like myself and many others to report on trends and information much more quickly than the mainstream hardcopy media has ever been able to do. Blogging, when you have a quality blog and loyal readers, does bring with it some power. Many public relations professionals have realized this, and they are on board and appreciate the whole idea of blog editors and what they do to inform their readership. So far, knock on wood, I have meet some wonderful, helpful PR folks. But with power comes controversy, and the blogosphere is always full of plenty of that, even in the jewelry and fashion blogopshere.

Some of the latest controversy surrounds a PR person who freaked on a well known blog, the Bag Snob, because the editors would not agree to give press time to a product they felt was inferior :

We promptly contacted them and told them we'd return the bags and will not be able to include them in our monthly giveaway but the PR girl turned nasty and started sending us harassment emails with racist overtones. Let's see, she accused us of using fake last names because our names are English/European yet we don't look European (Basically non-white people are not allowed to have European surnames according to this genius PR girl) and then she accused us of trying to scam them of $150 (wholesale price) bags?!?!??! How is it a scam if we didn't want to keep the hideous bags for our giveaway?

Wake up "PR girl." The power of the blog is here. In fact, it is now mowing you over, racing past you, leaving you behind.

The Bag Snob editors continue to cover this as emails fly back and forth, so you can keep up on it directly at their blog, as well as hear what other fashion bloggers are saying about it.

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 11/04/17

4 Nov

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 11/04/17

Coquette says it's never too early to plan your killer holiday party outfit! Be the belle of the ball in shiny metallic dresses.

Chocolate cake for breakfast…a pound of spinach for dinner. Fashiontribes checks out the new stay-svelte book, How to Eat Like a Hot Chick.

Is figuring out what to buy for fall driving you completely crazy? Check out GlamChic's Six Fall Trends That Will Keep You Sane .

Kristopher wants you to style yourself into your own gift, with Christian Louboutin shoes with bows.

Can you imagine fashion without French Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Carine Roitfeld? Neither can My Fashion Life. Here's why!

Papierblog breaks the fourth wall of fashion blogging and asks whether fashion and blogging are incompatible.

Second City Style thinks fakes are always a fashion faux-pas. The faux must go! Just say no to knock-offs!

Jewelry and Beading says you can't go wrong with a Venetian glass bracelet.
Find your fall look for under $60 with's Cheap Chic list.

Stylehive StyleSlides: Cozy Puffer Coats!'s Celebrity Makeup Artist Rachel Goodwin shows you how to get Natalie Portman's look.

Hooray for Hollywould? 55 Secret Street has mixed feelings about the new Hollywould for Target collection.

Stiletto Jungle stumbled upon a stash of Hayden-Harnett handbags marked down to under $200.

Back for yet another season, it's the Prada Dressed Robot Tote. Bag Bliss has the scoop..

Be snob worthy, not boring, with Lanvin's "New" shopper from Bag Snob!

Beauty Snob rocks the Limelight lip gloss pendant from Dior!

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 10/28/07

28 Oct

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 10/28/07
It's not easy being green. 55 Secret Street braves stormy weather and spilled coffee to see beautiful handmade jewelry and fine crafts at Greenjeans in Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood.

Style so inventive that Chanel tried to rip it off? Yep. Stiletto Jungle features the newest bracelets from Jessica Kagan Cushman.

Bag Bliss has fallen for the Limited Edition Handbag by De Couture. Only 50 in the world.

Forget the LBD, Bag Snob has the perfect LBT (Little Black Tote!) from Anya Hindmarch.

Beauty Snob gets a moisture boost for wintery dry skin with Awake Polyphection!

Kristopher's tough but no punk, so she loves this Kenneth Jay Lane bracelet.

My Fashion Life meets Abigail Lorick – the designer behind some of the amazing outfits on the new TV series, Gossip Girl.

Papierblog looks at the social implication of high end designers with collections for children

If you don't happen to live in NYC and missed the Princess Grace 25th anniversary hoopla, no worries. Second City Style has photos of the Sak's window display of unique Princess Grace inspired couture outfits by 6 amazing American designers.

So you're up on the latest trends but aren't sure how to put them all together? offers this chic cheat sheet to help you figure out what to wear today.

Serious cute overload! Check out Stylehive's slideshow of the most adorable infant and toddler costumes we've been awww-ing over.

WE LOVE BEAUTY Celebrity Stylemaker's top eyeshadow picks for Fall

See Christina at eBeautyDaily getting rid of her wrinkles with the Rejuvawand home laser treatment!

Halloween fun is still in full swing at the Jewelry and Beading blog, including some cute black cat beaded earrings.

Metal Chik has some tips and tricks for hunting down wholesale jewelry shows.

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 10/21/07

21 Oct

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 10/21/07

Music, fashion and bling! Fashion Rocks 2007 had it all. My Fashion Life examines the red carpet hits and those unfortunate misses.

Papierblog looks at the dearth of models of color during fashion week and looks at racism in the industry.

Second City Style loves black, but it's so expected and grey can get drab. Why not dress like the jewel you are in shades of amethyst and emerald?

From dramatically lined eyes to fall's red lip, shows us how to achieve the look of the season in their Fall Beauty Trend Report.

Must have! Top 5 reasons Stylebites loves nina Garcia's Little Black Book of Style

Check out Stylehive's slideshow of our favorite one-of-a-kind handmade spats, scarflets, gloves and more for fall!

Ask We Love Beauty's Ben Bennett: What are baked powders?

eBeautyDaily gives 50 beauty related uses for a tub of good old Vaseline.
Stiletto Jungle asks: Would you "Cosabella Thong" for the cure?

Bag Bliss discovers the Marc Jacobs Denim Jazz Handbag at a steal of a deal.

Bag Snob dishes on The Louis Vuitton Joke Bag!

Beauty Snob continues a love affair with T3- The Science of Fabulous!

Take a break from your stilettos, but don't skimp on style with Coquette's picks for the most stylish flat boots.

ATTN: WebSnob Readers. Thursday, October 25th we're filming a reality show at our Punk Vs. Rockabilly Halloween Party. We're giving all WebSnobbers tickets at $10 bucks to come and rock with Fashion Indie and Click Here for tickets.

The clever Fragrance Finder makes finding a new scent easy & fun, says Fashiontribes.

Got big weekend plans?GlamChic gives pointers on what to wear on a date with a baseball fan.

Kristopher digs boss Givenchy shoes that are a little bit country club, and a little bit rock n' roll.

Jewelry and Beading has some bead babe blogging posts collected for your beading blog pleasure.

Metal Chik has some tips for color selection when it comes to your jewelry this season.

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 10/14/07

14 Oct

Jewelry and Fashion Blogosphere 10/14/07

We Love Beauty goes behind the scenes at an Allure Magazine Photoshoot.

eBeautyDaily reviews the newest beauty book on the market, Beauty Confidential by Nadine Haobsh (better known to us blog lovers as Jolie in NYC).

Lusting after Blake Lively's grey Gossip Girl boots? Stiletto Jungle shows you where to pick up a pair.

Bag Bliss has the latest on the Marc Jacobs and Richard Prince for Louis Vuitton Designer Handbag Project from the Spring 2008 runway.

Ice ice baby! Bag Snob exclusive- the Ice Cube by Chanel!

October is Pink Month- Do you think before you pink? Beauty Snob gives tip on how to pink wisely!

Coquette loves the stylish Origami Bijou by Cindy Ng.

The Breed have been making the indie scene seem really lux with their collection of must have knits and layered looks. Check out Fashion Indie's Breed-iful Picks.

Forget about It-Bags and Must-have heels! Tattoos are the accessories du jour for the fashion crowd. Glamchic points out the best of the bunch.

Kristopher says this boss Devi Kroell box clutch is how every woman should style.

It's all tantrums and tiara's in the fashion world and yet again Marc Jacobs is in the middle of it. Get the lowdown at My Fashion Life!

Papierblog looks at their favorite fall fashion week items in photos.

It's a smackdown between Milan and Paris! Second City Style picks a winner in the battle of the Spring RTW fashion weeks.

Get ready to click for a has collected a slew of guilt-free goodies benefitting various Breast Cancer Awareness charities for the month of October.

Need a vacation? Check out Stylehive's TravelSlides: The Hotel at Esperanza, Cabo San Lucas where you can get spa services amidst outdoor pools and gardens, indoor steam caves, and waterfalls.

Jewelry and Beading has the low-down on the Big Apple Glass Art & Bead Festival coming up this weekend.