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Accessorize Using Sears Coupon Codes

18 Feb

We women love to dress up and accessorize. Not only do we want the right outfit for every occasion but we also want to have the right accessories (read: jewelries) to go with the outfit. However, we are also always on the look out for the best deals available. We want to look for ways we can save while being fashionable at the same time. Accessories don't come cheap after all.

One way to save for jewelries and other accessories is to use the likes of sears coupon codes. Sterling silver, gem stones, and diamonds are just a few items that will go well with any outfit combination.You can always resort to the web for discount deals and bargains on your favorite accessories.

So how do you manage to save up on jewelries and accessories without totally ditching fashion and quality? We'd like to hear how you find the best deals in town and where to look for it.

Fred Ward – Pearls & Gems

12 Apr

Fred Ward - Pearls & Gems

I have been doing some research lately on pearls. While I know a lot about them already, I have a little outside project I'm working on, so I am cracking the books, and most recently this includes a little book from author and gemologist, Fred Ward, called simply Pearls.

After finding this book on, I discovered that he has written a slew of gemstone books covering everything from diamonds to jade. I just got this book yesterday, so the jury is still out on my specific take on this book, but this what some of the reviews say about it:

John White, smithsonian Curator
Excellent book… superb photographs… delightfully written… careful research… compact format. Ward has a knack for pulling together the essence of a subject. We should applaud the appearance of a book as good as Fred Ward's… ought to be required reading.

Dr. E. Gubelin, C.G., F.G.A.
Your books are so good and so fascinating that I feel you should continue your publications on gemstones… well-written and informative… fascinating reading for professionals as well as laymen… magnificent illustrations.

Reader reviews also rated it pretty highly, so I'm hoping I have a real "gem" of a book here (pun intended). It's not even a hundred pages long, so hopefully, I'll find some time to sit down and soak it up soon.