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Father’s Day Jewelry Finds

12 Jun

Father's Day Jewelry Finds

Are you racking your brain trying to figure out what to get dad this Father's Day?

Believe it or not, it's this weekend, so time to get serious about a gift for dad. We have no time to waste! Red Envelope comes to the rescue though (maybe) with some jewelry gift ideas.

For example, pictured as there adorable picture cuff links:

sterling locket cuff links

Just because he's forever on the go doesn't mean he can't keep an eye on the people he loves. These unique sterling-silver cuff links not only keep his sleeves in the right place but his heart as well. Exclusively from RedEnvelope.
offered in round or beveled-rectangle lockets. see below for available styles
each sterling-silver locket accommodates two tiny photos of loved ones
round lockets measure 3/4" in diameter
rectangular lockets measure approximately 1/2" x 5/8"
may be engraved with a single initial

Does dad already have plenty of baubles? Then how about some place to toss them into at the end of the day?
Or, I also like this sterling necklace tag you can have personalized with his initials.

Message Jewelry for the Graduate

16 May

Message Jewelry for the Graduate

I couldn't help but think of my own graduation this past December. It is that time of year again when college students walk down the isle to collect that special piece of paper they have been working their you-know-whats off for years. It can be difficult to figure out what to get someone as a memento of this day. You want to show them that you care, but you also want to point out that life has so many possibilities for them now.

Metal jewelry artist Jeanine Payer tried to capture this idea in a collection of jewelry pieces – pendants, earrings, bracelets, and key chains – that she inscribes with inspirational messages. She is also providing free engraving for items she calls her "poetry

Jewelry Armoire on the Way

14 May

Jewelry Armoire on the Way

I've beem waiting for this anti-tarnish armoire forever. My sweet DH was going to get it for my for our recent anniversary, but other than white wood finish, it was on backorder. Month after month for six months he tried to order this. Finally, he decided to see if it would matter that much to me if it came in white, oak or whatever finish, so when our anniversary came around, he popped the question.

I opted to wait, and I'm so glad I did because I got on the QVC site where it's listed today and it is now available in oak, and it should be here in about a week. For anyone who has thought about getting one of these, here are the stats:

The Gold and silver Safekeeper Armoire by Lori Greiner helps preserve your jewelry with a special lining while it carefully stores your treasures with cubbies, hooks, drawers, and compartments for everything. Fully lined with Silver Safekeeper anti-tarnish cloth, it helps keep your silver jewelry from tarnishing for up to 25 to 40 years when used properly.

Spacious and gracious, this armoire is a fine piece of furniture, crafted with skill and care from fine wood and wood veneers. Specially designed compartments and ten earring stands allow easy access to at least 500 of your favorite pieces. A wood-framed mirror on the tilt-back lid lets you check your appearance while you accessorize.

Measures approximately 44-1/2"H x 16"W x 10-1/2"D.

I'll let you know what I think of it when it's home and all set up.

Ten Quick Mom Gifts

11 May

Ten Quick Mom Gifts

Since I'm on a home shopping web site binge lately, I couldn't leave out Jewelry Television, and I was happy to see they have a top 10 spot with mom in mind. For example, this interchangeable necklace which allows you to switch out the center section of the pendant and change the color of it:

18kt yellow gold over sterling silver set of 4 interchangeable pink, Lavender, blue and white enhanced mother-of-pearl hearts with heart pendant and chain.

Kind of clever, actually. The same necklace design comes in different pendant shapes include the heart (pictured), square, round, as well as silver and gold colored.

If you want to step it up a notch for mom, go with pearls, pretty much can't go wrong there.

14kt yellow gold 6-7mm round white cultured akoya pearl earrings and pendant with chain set.

Silver for Mom

9 May

Silver for Mom

Okay, just a few more days, folks? What have you done for mom lately? No, that lame card from the grocery store is not going to be enough, but hey, you still may have time to get something nice and something shipped on time if you run your fingers over the keyboard to the QVC web site. They even have a special "mom" section, just click and order.

Here are a few ideas to begin with. First, if you've done the jewelry thing with mom already and then some, then how about a silver jewelry box to hold some of her special pieces in? It got an anti-tarnish finish, and it comes as either a flower or shell:

Treasure box. The Silver Safekeeper jewelry box by Lori Greiner is wonderful for storing your special pieces of sterling silver jewelry. The silvertone box features the Safekeeper anti-tarnish lining to help prevent your silver from tarnishing. With proper use, this protection can last 25 to 40 years!


We Are Woman Jewelry

8 May

We Are Woman Jewelry

Hear us roar! And, check out some cool jewelry that symbolizes woman power and unity over at the National Women's History Project. Love this pin, for example, which is made with silver, brass, and copper. It's got three "sisters" soldered together. Here's a little about this organization:

Recognizing the achievements of women in all facets of life – science, community, government, literature, art, sports, medicine – has a huge impact on the development of self-respect and new opportunities for girls and young women.

With an emphasis on positive role models and the importance of women from all backgrounds, the NWHP has developed a nationwide constituency of teachers, students, parents, public employees, businesses, organizations, and individuals who understand the critical link between knowing about historical women and making a positive difference in today's world.

The NWHP is the catalyst, the content provider, the behind-the-scenes director of a myriad of activities promoting women as leaders and influential forces in our society. Over the past 25 years, the NWHP, founded in Santa Rosa, California, has established a nationwide presence as the number one resource for information and material about the unfolding roles of women in american history. The NWHP leads both local and national efforts, consults, publishes, distributes, inspires, advises, and networks with a wide variety of institutions and activists in the field.

Along with educational information, the web site includes a gift shop with all kinds of jewelry, books, and other gift ideas.


Crystals for Mom

5 May

Crystals for Mom

Needless to say, with Mother's Day only about a week away, you'll be seeing a lot of Mother's Day posts from me this next week. If you want something extra special for mom, crystals are one way to go. I can't really imagine anyone not loving a beautiful piece of crystal jewelry, and of course, Swarovski has a great collection of jewelry and knick knacks available in their Mother's Day Collection. But, take my advice and go for a piece of jewelry. At least with a necklace, you can wear it rather than dust it.

Pictured left is a simple but pretty necklace: Kakadu Red crystal pendant on brown cotton cord.

Next a Channel-Set Bangle РRhodium-plated bangle with clear crystal pav̩.mom-swarv-2.jpg

Another option Рelegant post earrings РAngelic Pierced Earrings РRhodium plated button pierced earrings with single clear crystal chaton, set in clear crystal pav̩.

Men Offer Bling on Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Men Offer Bling on Valentine's Day

It's no big surprise I'm sure to hear that men are the primarily gift-givers for today – Valentine's Day!

And, by the way, Happy Valentine's Day!

I have to admit that I'm going to run out and buy a card for my sweetie soon, maybe some chocolate too, but I have been remiss about planning ahead for this. He has been out of town and expect back this afternoon, so I have some breathing room!

But, what else do you get a guy on this holiday? Here's a little more about this man vs. woman holiday from Men more likely to gift on Valentine's Day:

A new study from market research company TNS North America says that among those celebrating Valentine's Day this year, men are more likely to give a gift than women (81 percent Versus 68 percent).

The study also shows that the gift of choice is rather more ephemeral than jewelry: 36 percent of men plan to take their Valentine out to dinner.

Among the study's additional findings: The majority of those planning to give a Valentine's Day gift this year plan to spend under $50, and 30 percent of Americans plan to celebrate on a day other than Feb. 14. And a bit of good news for brick-and-mortar retailers: The study also finds that a large majority of those planning to give a gift are purchasing in-store (85 percent) versus online (4 percent).

I wonder if the low web sales have to do with people like me who are unprepared!

Mondera Jewelry for Valentine’s

7 Feb

Mondera Jewelry for Valentine's

Valentine's Day is a week away! Time to get cracking if you haven't picked out the perfect bauble for the big day.

Hearts, however, don't have to worn just for this one particular holiday. If you select the right type of jewelry, say for example fine jewelry pieces rather than fashion jewelry pieces, you can wear your heart-themed jewelry any day of the year.

One place I've done some virtual holiday window shopping, though the windows on my computer of course, is

Mondera represents the unique combination of modern innovation with over a century of experience in the gem and jewelry business. As the brainchild of two brothers–Fred and Pascal Mouawad–Mondera continues a family tradition that began in 1890 when master watchmaker David Mouawad founded the Mouawad company. In early 1998, Fred and Pascal Mouawad decided to bring their family tradition of quality and service to a wider public through the Internet.

Mondera is now recognized as the online jewelry experts. Combining high quality gems and jewelry, fine service, exceptional customer service, and expert advice, Mondera has successfully served thousands of customers.

Right now, they have a special Valentine's Boutique on their site where I have selected a few pieces for you.

Pictured above are 14k White Gold Open Heart Earrings with Hanging Pearl
14k Yellow Gold Mother of Pearl Heart Locket Pendant w/chain 18"
Sterling Silver White and Beige Glass Pearl With Heart Charms Bracelet 7 1/4"

Valentine’s Jewelry Finds on Etsy

6 Feb

Valentine's Jewelry Finds on Etsy

I love window shopping at – I think anyone who appreciate hand made fun and sometimes funky jewelry will agree that you can always find something unusual over there.

For example, pictured left is a bracelet from Niphty made of pink lucite beads and handmade charms on a stretchy elastic cord. The "charms" so to speak look like pins to me. They are made using images from vintage Valentine's Day cards.

Now for something not all that unusual, millifiori glass beads and sterling, but still a perfect Valentine's find. These are from nicholasandfelice.

This metal "love" charm on a choker chain is from sandpiperdesigns and includes a crystal dangle.

Finally, here are some heart felt earrings – yup, that's right – felt – from abeja0atareada.