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Geeky Cufflinks for your Nerdy Mate

4 Feb

Do you have someone in your life who is into all types of gadgets and games? Here are some great cufflinks from that can showcase his or her nerdiness subtly.

Sterling Silver 4gb USB Drive Cufflinks: These beautiful cufflinks also double as data storage!

Wiimote Cufflinks: Use tiny wiimotes to hold your cuffs together!

Wiimote Cufflinks

Smart Phone Cufflinks: These are great for those iPhone fanboys.

Smart Phone Cufflinks

For the Trekkie in your life: Officially Licensed Star Trek Cufflinks

Officially Licensed Star Trek Cufflinks

Simmons Men’s Jewelry

26 Aug

Diamond and Stainless Steel Jewelry

Holiday 2005, the Simmons Jewelry Co. launched a men's collection of bracelets, chains, pendants, rings, and diamond earrings for the urban-minded man. Combining traditional diamonds and gold and alternative materials such as rubber and stainless steel, this collection provides a modern twist to traditional jewelry, which allows a man to express his individuality by wearing these pieces. The collection ranges from $150 to $15,000. You can see their collection on hot celebrities like Terrence J from 106th and Park on BET, Sway from MTV and Robert Verdi.

stainless steel pendant
Men's Stainless Steel Dog Tag Pendant with Diamond Accent
A bold view of polished and shined stainless steel, this dog tag pendant is fearless with an abstract diamond pattern throughout and a single round diamond accent as a lush focal point.

men's necklace
Maltese Cross Stainless Steel Necklace with Diamond Accents
This men's stainless steel 15mm Maltese cross necklace from the Simmons Jewelry Co. men's collection by Russell Simmons features round diamond accents and is 22.0 inches in length.

dog tag necklace
Stainless Steel & Leather Dog Tag Pendant with Diamond Accent
This stainless steel and leather dog tag pendant features a polished finish and a single round diamond accent on one side, and the other side is black leather.

In March 2007, co-owners Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons launched the Green Initiative Collection – a unique combination of modern, traditional and inspirational hip-hop-inspired unisex jewelry in stainless steel, green rubber and diamonds – benefits the Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF), an international, non-profit organization that raises money to educate and uplift the people and communities of Africa. Fifty percent of the net profits from sales of the Green Bracelet and 25 percent of the net profits from sales of the rest of the Green Initiative collection will benefit the fund.

Nikos Jewels

1 May

Men's Fine Jewelry

Since its launch in 2005, Nikos Jewels has literally been catapulted into stardom. By completely changing the approach to men's jewelry, this all-male brand has established a trend and a market niche that other companies can only hope to follow. Nikos Jewels understood, right from its founding, that today's contemporary man has many faces.

men's white gold pendant
Men's 'Nikos Zeus' Brushed Reversible Pendant
18k White Gold reversible pendant with Black Carbon Fiber and 4 Round Flush Set Diamonds on Width: 0.6 Inches
Length: 18 Inches
Leather Cord

Every design in this collection is handcrafted with the finest precious metals, exquisite diamonds, luxurious leathers, and new-age silicone. A distinctive collection of 18K gold and platinum jewelry, the Nikos collection of handcrafted rings, bracelets, cufflinks, neckwear, and earrings. Designed to be the ultimate symbol of the contemporary man, Nikos Jewels, a division of Tache Jewelry, was first launched in Europe in 2002.

men's designer ring
18k White Gold Men's 'Aeneas' Ring
Mens 7mm "Aeneas" Satin Hollow Band with Polished Bars and Sides

Inspired by the mythology of ancient Greece, the Nikos lion stands as the proud and majestic symbol of the Nikos philosophy – the ultimate symbol of the contemporary man. The virtues of wisdom, courage, and strength are embodied in this heroic icon and emblazoned on the surface of every Nikos design.

white gold cuff links
Mens 'Daphnis' Lion Plaque Cuff Links
18k White Gold cuff links with .01cttw Diamond Accent

The Nikos man may be conservative or trendy, rugged or refined, sexy or shy – but most of all, he is unique – a man with individualistic tastes and demands. "We took this as a challenge, and transformed it into an opportunity," says Victor Weinman, President and CEO of Tache USA, the parent company of Nikos Jewels in the USA.

Cutting-Edge Steel Bracelets

4 Dec

Cutting-Edge Steel Bracelets

Reuters just published a report that men's jewelry sales are almost doubled from 2004 to 2006 to reach $6 billion! And it's no wonder when you see great contemporary men's jewelry like the elegant, literally cutting-edge cuff bracelets in steel designed by David Feldman, above.

No stranger to the jewelry scene, David is a partner in the NYC jewelry-supply giant Metalliferous. This is his first men's line, crafted in a most unusual medium, Damascus Steel, which usually appears in sword and knife-making. When I heard this, I instantly thought Renaissance Fair and SOC! But used in these sleek, avant-garde cuffs, the steel becomes less Braveheart and more Blade Runner.

Damascus Steel is characterized by a unique patterned surface, often appearing with a wood grain or waves. As David explains, it's created by a welding together a few hundred layers of hard and soft steel and then etching it in acid. The "pinstripe" cuff at top is created by simple pattern welding, while the more complex woodgrain pattern at bottom is created by welding alloys, twisting the sheets, folding them, cutting them, re-welding them…phew. You get the idea. These beautiful pieces are crafted by renowned knifemaker Bertie Reitveldt, who reclaims metals for these cuffs the production of his incredible knives.

Here's a couple more to whet your appetite…OK, bad pun!!


Despite the weighty look, these cuffs are easy to wear…and surprisingly comfortable. (One doesn't usually think of steel as a comfortable metal!). David dresses up some pieces with inset diamonds or 14K gold ends for a more refined look, but I think as-is is pretty darn good. The cuffs cost between $200-500, depending on width and complexity of design. They can be purchased at Fassbinder at 39 8th Ave. in New York City, or through David himself – email him at

Sundance Jewelry for Macho Men

25 Aug

Sundance Jewelry for Macho Men

Nothing says "guy jewelry" like leather and metal or any combination there of, and Sundance Catalog, who okay has great jewelry for women as well, has some spot on jewelry designs for your macho man.

Even if you can't talk him into this way cool cuff bracelet created by Charlie Favour which combines braided leather and silver, how about a watch? You never know.


This Tioga watch is even in the right price range at just under $100:

tioga timepiece
A well-made watch with a rugged bent, our stainless steel timepiece pits bright white numbers and glow-in-the-dark hands against a bold, black face. Sweep second hand; green ribbed nylon strap.

Here's another bracelet that looks all guy:
braided leather bracelet
masculine lariat bracelet, hand worked with eight strands of leather, accented with solid pewter beads at the knot closure.

NASCAR Jewelry

13 Jul

NASCAR Jewelry

I filed this blog post under Men's Jewelry, but from what I've been hearing women are also getting into NASCAR these days. I say "women" as in not me of course. I see it sort on the same wave length as golf or watching paint dry.

But, jewelers out there are seeing as a way to break into some trendy jewelry especially for guys such as this stainless steel bracelet.

Modern Jeweler has a breif report on this new jewelry collection for car enthusiats:

Frederick Goldman, New York, is launching a new collection of men's and women's NASCAR jewelry featuring some of the top racers on the circuit.

Top drivers' numbers are featured in the designs, including dale earnhardt jr., Dale Earnhardt, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Kasy Kahne, J.J. Yeley, and Denny Hamlin.

NASCAR, the nation's premiere stock car racing league, is a $2 billion per year industry. Live attendance at NASCAR Winston Cup races was more than 5 million last year. And in the past five years, sales of NASCAR tie-in merchandise have grown from $60 million to $600 million.

As you might expect from an auto-racing line, Goldman's new collections are in stainless steel with black finishes or 14k gold accents. Some styles feature a checkered flag motif. The collection includes bracelets, rings, dog tags, key chains, and money clips. NASCAR jewelry will be available this fall, supported by in-store collateral materials, including packaging, certificates of authenticity, and product displays.

Me & Ro for Men

27 Jun

Me & Ro for Men

Men's jewelry is still gaining in popularity, but normally, when I do find jewelry collections for men, it's pretty limited as far as the number of pieces. Not so over at the Me & Ro web site. They have loads of jewelry for your guy.

Of course, most of it tends to be designed for the earthy-tree-hugger type, but that is sort of the Me & Ro perspective, which as a tree-hugger myself I tend to like. Oh where oh where are my Earth shoes?

This first bracelet pictured I think could be worn by a woman as well:

Men's Silver Solid Jumpring Bracelet on Natural Leather
Classic and comfortable…small sterling silver jumprings strung on natural leather create a simple yet substantial feeling. The leather ties around the wrist with a sterling silver button closure. Bracelet measures 8 inches in length.

They also tend to use a lot of 10kt gold, which normally, I'm not thrilled about, but considering how most men can be pretty tough on their jewelry, this might be a good idea. Again, I'd definitely wear this necklace:


Men's 10k Gold 'Four Immeasurables' Medallion Pendant with Diamond – The Tibetan vow of 'The Four Immeasurables' encourages us to focus our attention on helping others. The vow is engraved in Tibetan on this 10k gold disc, and set with a single diamond in the center. The 'Four Immeasurables' include Love ('Maitri'), Compassion ('Karuna'), Joy ('Mudita') and Equanimity ('Upeksa'). The disc, which measures approximately 1 inch in diameter, hangs from 20 inch 10k gold chain with a lobster claw clasp.

JCPenny’s for Dad’s Jewelry Now

14 Jun

JCPenny's for Dad's Jewelry Now

Okay, the time clock is ticking and you are running out of time to get something for dad this Sunday – aka Father's Day. What to do? Time to consider your local mall. I know. I too have gotten really used to shopping via my keyboard, but when you are in a pinch, you have to go the traditional route, and what is more traditional than to shop for jewelry and related jewelry gifts for dad at a department store like JC Penny's? Plus, you can get a few ideas via the web before you shlep yourself down there.

This pocket watch is pretty cool:

Stainless Steel Titanium Personalized Pocket Watch
Was $230.00; Now $169.99 Men's stainless steel and titanium pocket watch is as strong as he is.
Brand: Colibri
Dial Color: White
Metal: Stainless Steel and Titanium
Movement: Japanese
Water Resistance: None
Case Dimensions: 1.80" thick x .60" wide
Style: Pocket Watch

Features three dial face and 12" chain. Includes black gift box. Men's pocket watch is imported.

And there are always the tried and true tie tacks, tie bars, and assorted money clips to consider. I know. But, it's dad and he'll love whatever you give him. In fact, he'll say the usual, "You shouldn't spend your money on me. You should be saving it!"

Craft Dad Some Jewelry

13 Jun

Craft Dad Some Jewelry

If you are the artsy crafty type or your have children with the urge to "make" something special for dad this Father's Day, then check out the ideas over at

They offer up some very simple jewelry project ideas, like this Western Style Necklace. Of course, along with the how-to instructions, they provide a list of supplies you'll need to whip it together.

Along with this particular necklace project they also have some other ideas such as bracelets, a leather cuff, and eye-glass holders. Even if you can't order directly from them in time, you can maybe get some ideas and head out with the kids to your local craft shop.


Zip to Zales for Dad

13 Jun

Zip to Zales for Dad

Ah, yet again, here is another possibility for Father's Day (hey, it's almost here and then I'll shut up about it for at least another year).

But, yes, there's little time to order something via the web, so that means a real store as in a real building. So chain Jewelry Stores like Zales is worth considering. Plus, you can shop on their web site first to get some ideas:

Men's Tungsten and Stainless Steel Peak Bracelet

This men's tungsten and stainless steel bracelet features a polished finish. The bracelet is 8.5 inches in length and includes a foldover clasp.


Men's Stainless Steel Dog Tag Pendant with Gray Carbon Fiber Accents

This men's stainless steel dog tag pendant has a polished finish and features gray carbon fiber accents. The bead chain is 22.0 inches in length and includes a claw clasp.

These are just a few ideas for you. They actually have a pretty large selection of men's jewelry on their web site.