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Cuff Links and Jewelry for Dad

22 May

Cuff Links and Jewelry for Dad

Mother's Day has come and gone, so that means the next big gift-giving holiday for your family is for dear old dad. He can be so hard to buy for! But, I found some pretty unusual jewelry and related accessories that just might fit the gift-giving bill at One at a Time.

First, give him the world, just like he gave you, with these very snazzy cuff links:

Best of Both Worlds Cufflinks
Our New York mother and daughter design team creates jewelry pieces that are both sculptural and contemporary, using diverse materials. Each globe in this pair of lapis cufflinks spins on its own sterling silver axis.

And, what guy doesn't want a boat?

British Sterling – Sailboat Cufflinks
From our London silversmith comes an array of finely crafted sterling silver cufflinks and men's accessories with designs ranging from the classic to the fanciful. Each bears English hallmarks for a guarantee of purity.


Then there is the standard, but still popular, money clip:

Piano Collection Duets For Him & Her
Designed and handcrafted by Cecelia Minnehan, her piano jewelry and accessories will add a note of sophistication to any occasion. Apprenticing since the age of 14 with some of the world's most respected silversmiths, she uses her vast knowledge and experience to create simple yet elegant designs in her Martha's Vineyard studio. Money Clip is made from Mother-of Pearl and Jet and is set on sterling silver.


Sporty Jewelry

5 May

Sporty Jewelry

I've added this entry to my Men's jewelry category, but actually, now that I think about it, you could probably consider these jewelry pieces (at least some of them) to be unisex in nature. For example the bracelet pictured left is inspired by a bike chain, and I really think it could be worn by a man or woman.

Curcuiti Jewels' line of sporty jewelry is inspired but various sports:

CIRCUITI JEWELS is born as bench mark for all enthusiastic of sport to 360°.

Of the sporty and creative spirit of Gianfranco Quartaroli is born the collections of jewels dedicated to the sports more known in the world: CAR RACING, MOTORCYCLING, FOOTBALL, CYCLING.

Our objective is to propose to the jewel market, new forms and new meaning, because we considered that he is right to assign an important value to the sport and because we are convinced that the myth and the flavor of the challenge they must be identified by a precious object that it requests to be used.

Transmitting emotions, evocating unique moments, CIRCUITI shows feelings and intangible values… making everyone a protagonist of his own passions, and being able to wear them…

CIRCUITI JEWELS : the perfect fusion between sport and jewel


Dolan-Bullock Jewelry for Men

28 Mar

Dolan-Bullock Jewelry for Men

I know…I know….With mother's day around the corner I really need to try to not let myself get distracted with looking at jewelry for men, but when I saw these adorable little martini glass cuff links from jewelry designer Dolan-Bullock I couldn't help but stop. The olive is made from jade – clever, don't you think?

Maybe you have an anniversary soon (April, May, June tend to be marriage months), or you just want to bookmark this site for sometime later when you need a little something special for your guy.

Here are a few other interesting jewelry designs for me.
Sterling Silver and 14 Karat Gold Bracelet
Sterling Silver and 14 Karat Gold Hermatite Cuff Links
Sterling Silver and 14 Karat Gold Bracelet

I especially like the mix of metals – sterling with gold. It gives it a little twist but still looks macho, and it's affordable for the most part.

Men’s Jewelry from Heavenly Treasures

21 Feb

Sponsored Post: Men's Jewelry from Heavenly Treasures

The market for men's jewelry continues to grow as evidenced by the new men's jewelry section at Heavenly Treasures.

We are no longer limited to the basic cuff link and money clip, though they have those as well, but today's fashion conscience male is also interested in bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

Elements to make jewelry designs a tad more masculine include leather, a mixture of metals, especially white gold, and dark stones such as onyx.

Pictured left is bracelet on leather with 18kt gold, carbon fiber, and stainless steel.
The Tiger Eye gemstone (10x8mm) is the center attraction to this 14k gold ring with CZ gemstones. There's a white gold Eagle on each side with a yellow gold star.
This band is crafted of aircraft grade Titanium, measures 6mm wide & weighs approx 6 grams. This Titanium ring has a tension set diamond weighing approx .16 carats. 18K gold inlay goes around the entire band
Men's Cross Pendant: Designed in Italy. Stainless Steel Cross pendant accented with solid 18K Gold showcases a Carbon Fiber design. Comes on a Stainless Steel 20" adjustable chain.
Sponsored: Heavenly Treasures

Patek Watches for Your Guy

9 Nov

Patek Watches for Your Guy

I honestly have no clue about what I'm getting my main guy for Christmas this year. He is so hard to buy for. Not that I couldn't think of lots of electronic gadgets he'd love to have, but he's so particular that I'd never be able to pick out "the" right thing, you know?

A watch, now that's pretty much something any man can use. Plus, these days, most people, men and women, enjoy having a watch wardrobe. So, there's no reason not to have more than one watch, right?

Check out these very cool watches from Patek Philippe for some gift ideas.

Pictured left is a gold watch with skeleton movements – so you can see inside of the watch.

Here's another unusual pocket style watch available in all metals – white, yellow, or rose gold and even platinum.
For a more practical time pieces, here's one that has the moon phases and also works as a stop watch. The strap is leather.

Ethnic Ethos Men’s Jewelry

24 Oct

Ethnic Ethos Men's Jewelry

I’m really not sure what I think about this men’s jewelry collection from Ethos.

On the one hand, I like the ethnic quality, use of materials, and unusual shape combinations. But, on the other, it comes off as a little “clunky.” Maybe it’s also that I’m not attracted to the unshaven, needs a shower….er…earthy type of guy.

What do you think? Stylish? Or just too far out there for your man?

Obviously, some in the entertainment industry enjoy wearing this jewelry, which by the way, is no available at Barneys New York. From a company press release:

Ethos, whose trendsetting fashion accessories were a hit at last spring’s Cannes Film Festival, introduced its “Ethos Men’s Collection” recently in Barneys New York. The composition of the pieces, which are hand made in Paris by a Senegalese artisan, incorporates Ethos signature mix of beautiful and exotic materials such zebu bone from Kenya; leather amulettes, Ethiopia; ebony and cocoa shells Mali; hippopotamus horn, Ivory Coast; bronze and glass Ghana; and antique shells and bakelite from Nigeria.

After a chance viewing of the women’s collection, Barneys senior men’s buyer, Jay Bell, challenged Ethos to design a collection that would appeal to the aesthetic of Barneys special yet demanding clientele. The result is both a timeless and versatile collection. “These are culturally- significant statement pieces that also correlate with today’s fashion stories,” asserts Bell.
Actor, Ethan Hawk, wears an Ethos
Men’s Collection necklace of zebu bone from
Kenya and bakelite from Nigeria

Nikki Beach co-owner, Eric Omores, in an Ethos
Men’s Collection necklace
Actor, Director, Mario Van Peebles, sports an Ethos Men’s Collection piece

Upscale Diamond Pirate Jewelry

18 Oct

Upscale Diamond Pirate Jewelry

The pirates have some upscale booty finally with jewelry designs from KC Designs.

This stuff is not your bone pendant on a strand of leather, folks. We are talking diamonds and gold, like this 14K Gold Diamond "Skull and Crossbones" bracelet with a total carat weight of .07, and nine diamonds around the charm.

While I think the pirate craze is fun, and I loved the movie, I haven't been overly impressed with the jewelry. Some I like; some I think is a little on the "dollar store" venue.

Here are some more great gold designs – many of which I think men might enjoy as well – from KC Designs "Downtown Diamonds" collection:

14K Gold Diamond Dog Tag Necklace – Carat Weight – 94 Diamonds – .34ct tw
14K Gold Diamond cross necklace – Carat Weight – 92 Diamonds -.80ct tw

John S. Brana Unisex Jewelry

7 Oct

John S. Brana Unisex Jewelry

John S. Brana has some wonderful new jewelry out for both men and women. Now, he does have this divided, but honestly, I could see a few pieces crossing genders pretty easily.

Here's some info from his recent press release:

Bay Area native John S. Brana, former charles schwab VP of Finance launches his first jewelry collections for men and women inspired by the Bay Area's natural beauty. The result is a collection of distinctive and meticulously handcrafted jewelry of the highest caliber.

"Nature is my primary source of inspiration, " says Brana. "Whether I'm driving down the coast or strolling through a park, the creative combinations of colors, textures, shapes, and symbols are endless, and California is the perfect place to start."

His collections include rings, necklace, pendants and more in gold and silver metals plus some gemstones thrown in. Here are a few of the metal pieces I particularly liked.

Diamonds and Steel for Me

26 Sep

Diamonds and Steel for Me

I seem to find new jewelry collections for men popping up every day now. Finally! I think this has been a long time in coming, too long really.

Granted, your macho man may not be a big fan of jewelry, but I think with the variety of designs we are seeing these days, it won't be too difficult to find something he likes.

For example, what about steel, gold, and diamonds from the Stel Collection by L.B. Goodman and Company? Pictured left is a stainless steel, 14kt gold, and diamond bracelet from this collection. The back of the band is similar to a watch band, so it is comfortable as well as fashionable.

Here are a few more piece from the collection, rings, bracelets, pendants, all mixing metals, diamonds, and in some cases enamel finishing.

Corrupt Your Man with Jewelry

21 Sep

Corrupt Your Man with Jewelry

Who better to design jewelry for men than another man? In fact, jewelry designer Michael Bruder began his career in a very male-driven industry, aerospace. Actually, after growing up in the aerospace world myself and even spending a little time working in it, I don't see his transition into jewelry designing all the different from designing air planes. Both require a thorough understanding of materials used and a necessity for accuracy.

You can read more about Michael Bruder on his myspace site and also cruise through his jewelry site to view his collections. Below are pieces from his various collections designed just for men:

From his Urban Jungle collection, available in gold or silver
18kt gold with green tourmaline and diamonds
18kt white gold with white and champagne diamonds