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Eminem wears Alcoholic Anonymous Jewelry to Grammys

15 Feb

At MTV’s site you can see Eminem wearing the Alcoholic Anonymous Sobriety and Circle pendant. This jewelry makes a statement about Eminem’s “Recovery” from addiction.   As the article states, the pendant symbolizes ” a three part answer (unity, recovery, service) to the three part disease of alcoholism and addiction (physical, mental, spiritual)”. Here are some similar styles.

From Sabrina Silver:

Andy Smith Sells Jewelry For Charity

30 Nov

Andy Smith who is an American jewelry designer from Oklahoma City has been making jewelry that are all one of a kind. Her latest collection will be sold in collaboration with two fashion brands. These brands are Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. The launch of the latest collection will be at the JRB Art at the Elms this coming weekend.

Individuals will be able to purchase the one of a kind jewelry from this store only, as some of the proceeds will be going to a good cause. Part of the sales will help fund the Theatre Upon a StarDanceSwan, which is a non profit organization for performing arts. Andy Smith, is a firm believer that her success can contribute to the greater area of arts through this event. It is hoped that she will sell her jewelry at up coming events such as these.

One Of A Kind Jewelry

26 Nov

If you love jewelry that is one of a kind and unique, then you might want to check out a new brand called High Society Jewelry. This brand which is owned by Pat Swinton, is a collection of one off items including necklaces, rings and bracelets. These items, which Pat has found through a number of his travels such as Nepal and India, are unique in design but still have superior quality.

At the moment, Pat Swinton is selling online 15 cases of jewelry, all with one of a kind items. You can expect to pay a lot of money for these items as they are only available here and probably would never be found anywhere else in the world.

Fashion’s Night Out Events Are A Hit With Jewelry Lovers

2 Nov

Fashion's Night Out is a new event that happens frequently in London and New York. It's an event to grab the latest and hottest jewelry in season by a range of designers. The event, which started as a social gathering of people became a huge hit that has lead to frequent events happening in both fashion hubs, London and New York.

There has in fact been an online version of the event which was held on November 1st this year, providing individuals an insight to the sales, launches and bargains of all kind of jewelry. If you want to get in the loop with the Fashion's Night Out, you can read more here.

Gucci Jewelry Limited Edition Collection

28 Oct

Gucci, a world known and leading fashion designer label is set to make a partnership with The Recording Academy, who is known for the Grammy Awards. Although this is an unusual partnership between two very different companies, the two companies will be launching a very limited and special edition of Grammy Watch and jewelry. The collection will be created by Frida Giannini, who is the current Creative Director at Gucci.

The inspiration for the collection will come from the decades of the Grammy Awards through fashion and music. The collection which has not been classified when it will be sold to the public, will be giving all proceeds to the Grammy Museum and music preservation programs run by the Recording Academy.

Finding Cheap Jewelry Online

24 Sep

there are a number of websites that offer cheapest rates when it comes to earrings, necklaces and diamonds. You might think that this is too good to be true, but because more online stores do not have to rent out an actual store, online jewelers are able to sell their products at a much cheaper price.

You can expect to receive sometimes 20 to 50 percent off the retail price. This can come in handy if you are thinking of purchasing during the sale and promotional periods. Another benefit of shopping online for jewelry can also mean that you are able to find not only the best deals, but shop in the convenience of your home. You have to be aware of purchasing online and it is best to also find online dealers with reputation and safe and secure payment methods.

Unique Necklaces & Earrings Featured On The Cover Of Vogue

13 Aug

Unique Necklaces & Earrings Featured On The Cover Of Vogue
© Manel

This month's Vogue magazine showcased an interesting and unique line of jewelry made by local designer, Kathleen Nowak Tucci. For 25 years, Kathleen has been experimenting and designing her jewelry made from rubber bicycle inner tubes. Her interest in recycled rubber into earrings and necklaces has given her the opportunity to expand her business in exclusive and popular boutiques in the US.

After six months of working on the idea of using recycled rubber, Italian Vogue found the website and contracted both Kathleen and her sister in June for the opportunity to showcase the jewelry on the cover of Vogue. With her unique style and design, Kathleen Nowak Tucci was able to gain the attention of Vogue magazine as one of the up coming and rising jewelry designers.

Coral: Too Precious To Wear

21 Mar

Coral: Too Precious To Wear

When I was in New York recently, I passed a Tiffany & Co. window with an ocean theme. I didn't think much of it – just another marketing gimmick. It turns out that the theme was a little too subtle for me: Tiffany was actually trying to make a statement.

"The theme of the window display underwater world is designed to inform the public that coral is a living thing which can account for the coral reef systems to provide food and breeding sites for the reproduction of marine organisms," says the Tifffany & Co. website.

I admire them for taking a stand, and for actually caring. As consumers, our insatiable appetite for pink coral jewelry has been terrible for our reefs. Imagine the clownfish Nemo without a reef to hide in.

Okay, invoking a Disney character is truly under the belt, but things have gotten so bad that scientists and conservationists are urging industries to act where governments have not.

For more info about coral, check out Too Precious To Wear. In addition to Tiffany, the site lists other jewelry and fashion designers who've gotten on board. With Paloma Picasso and Reem Acra on the list, you'll be in good company.

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When It’s Over… Who Keeps the Ring?

28 Feb

When It's Over... Who Keeps the Ring?

When an engagement ends after twelve days, who should keep the ring? You'd think the answer would be pretty cut-and-dry in that short amount of time: the girl should return the ring and everyone goes on their merry way.

Not so in the case of Roger Adler and Rena Hope Friedman. She insisted on keeping the 4-carat diamond engagement ring valued at $58,000. On the day after she received the ring from Roger, she reportedly had it appraised and convinced the appraiser to put her down as the ring's owner, making it easier for her to resell it.

Roger broke off the engagement when, after asking that he buy a new BMW and first class tickets to Australia for their honeymoon, she refused to allow his elderly parents to attend the wedding.

Roger, for his part, is now suing her, claiming she has a history of persuading men to marry her, and then breaking off the engagement and keeping the ring. Now there's a line of work I never thought to pursue.

To read the story in full go to the Herald Sun.

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Chopard vs A $220,000 Ring

19 Feb

Multi-millionaire Anne Hendricks Bass is suing the Shangri La Hotel in Singapore, where she allegedly lost a ring worth $220, 000 while she was staying at the hotel last year.

According to court documents, she said she placed the ring on a table in the bedroom of her two-room suite at about 6.30pm that day, shortly before getting a massage.

She said two hotel employees were with her for about an hour in the room, while another entered at about 9.15pm to deliver a meal she ordered.

Ms Bass claimed she realised the ring was missing only at 10pm, when she was about to check out.

Now she's filing for damages, saying that either the hotel was negligent or its employees might have stolen the Paris-made gold ring, which had a 6.41 carat diamond.

A ring worth $220,000! Geez, these are the kind of jewelry that's totally beyond my imagination. Even in my dreams, the most expensive I've ever wished for was perhaps a Tiffany or Chopard eternity ring. Talk about different social strata!