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Monique Péan, From Goldman Sachs To Jewelry Designer

6 Sep

It was unexpected for anyone to have seen this coming. Monique Péan, a former employee at Goldman Sachs, started her own jewelry line back in 2003 and since then, has been very popular with celebrities and locals worldwide.

Her designs have won much attention in the US. You might have seen Michelle Obama wear one of Monique's designed necklaces, or in stores at Barneys. Although this has never always been the case. Only recently has the jewelry designer made it big in the US.

Regardless this, Monique has been able to push through, having no prior experience in the fashion or jewelry industry. What makes this jewelry designer so unique, is the eco-friendly designs and products that are all handmade.

Where Are My Cufflinks? (The Glitz and Glamor of a State Dinner)

26 Nov

Where Are My Cufflinks? (The Glitz and Glamor of a State Dinner)

All the incredible press coverage surrounding President Obama’s first State Dinner has been fascinating to watch. The bow ties and tuxes and the evening gowns on the red carpet. I may not be on Barack and Michelle’s guest list, but it still makes me want to find my best wrist watch and cufflinks and run off to someplace where the wait staff talks to you in the third person. (“Would madam like more truffles…?)

I’ve been in the market recently for a new wrist watch. Many of the more upscale blogs have been discussing the new FELDO 1-1 B/B. FELDO Luxury S.L. is a new luxury brand offering distinguished timepieces with a high level of precision as well as a unique special design (their words, not mine). The pictures make the watch look very elegant (red gold finish on medical strength steel) and the consensus seems to be that FELDO is a rising star in the world of luxury.

While a timepiece is probably the central accessory for personalizing one’s style, I actually am fonder of cufflinks. But I don’t travel in quite the same well heeled circles as most of the Obama’s guests.

So, should I have the escargot, or stick with smoked salmon and caviar?

New Range from Corazon Latino for Summer 2008

11 Aug

Corazon Latino, the jewellery company famed for its high quality, wearable jewellery has bucked the trend for cutting back in the light of the current recession, and launched a fabulous new range for Summer 2008.


The new range includes some exciting new silver bracelets and stunning silver necklaces which combine with dainty earrings to create real sparkle.


For the first time, they have also added Amber to their range, with 4 incredible silver pendants combining natural Baltic amber set within handmade silver cages. Available in 3 beautiful colours (Honey, Milky and Forest), every pendant is unique.



Corazon Latino sells their beautiful silver jewellery exclusively online. With over 80 designs in total ranging from $50 to $500, and worldwide delivery within 7 working days, they offer something for everyone.

Does she want a diamond?

29 Oct

Those shopping for engagement rings or diamond rings this Christmas should think twice before purchasing. Conflict diamonds have been helping fund civil wars in Africa for years, ending the lives of millions in the process. is an organization dedicated to stopping this trade. Their website contains a list of jewelers, such as 77 Diamonds, who have pledged their support for the Kimberley Process and who deal only in conflict-free diamonds.
Consumers hold the key to resolving this issue, so purchase with your conscience this Christmas.