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Alex Woo Wow Bell Necklaces

30 Jul

Alex Woo Wow Bell Necklaces

Alex Woo is considered one of the rising stars in jewelry design, and she continues to meet these big expectations with her new bell collection.

Inspired by bells found at Buddhist temples, these very cool pendants dangle from a simple chain. It comes in a variety of metals and accented with different gemstones:

Siri Thai Bell Necklace

From a land where ringing bells magically send wishes into the air and there is no gift more valuable than a blessing, Alex Woo presents "Siri," the Thai Bell collection. Inspired by the spiritual bells that adorn Thai temples, the distinctive Siri Thai Bell Necklace hangs carefully sculpted bells on light chains with gemstone drops of lucky Thai colors sparkling against a delicate lotus petal, the symbol of eternal beauty and prosperity. Available on 18" or 20" chains, the lucky bells shine in silver or gold vermeil with: Citrine, Rose Quartz, peridot, Carnelian, Blue Topaz, Amethyst, or Garnet. This Thai Bell necklace is solid, hand sculpted, and made in New York. Approximate Dimensions of Bell: 1 1/4" long

Sterling Silver – $198
14kt Gold Vermeil – $218
14kt Yellow Gold – $1,298
Diamonds (.15pt) with 14kt Yellow Gold – $1,798