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Pearls for the Holidays

9 Dec

Pearls for the Holidays

Since I work at lot at home writing, I tend to be kind of bum when it comes to how I dress. T-shirts just sort of clash with pearls, you know. So this time of year means parties and get togethers and special events so that means I retire the sweat pants and opt for a little something more fashionable. Finally, I get to wear my pearls!

For a little pearl jewelry inspiration, I turn to Maya Jewels: Maya Jewels is a name that is quickly becoming synonymous with the leaders in the fine jewelry arena. Designer Chhaya Kapadia, creator of New York based Maya Jewels, is receiving recognition as a promising designer and leading trendsetter. Chhaya Kapadia creates for clients who recognize, appreciate and insist on exclusive designs, exceptional gemstones and an inventive use of materials found in nature.

These are from her Seven Seas Collection:
This 36 inch necklace of lustrous 9.5 mm button pearls and gem quality green Tourmaline is absolutely beautiful.
Layers of keshi pearls and 18 kt gold disks rest atop a sweet oval pearl
Fine mabe pearls are surrounded by stripes of gold and diamonds. Magnificent no matter where they are worn, these are a necessary addition to every jewelry collection. Diamond wt. 0.19, Color G/H, clarity VS.

A Journey of Pearls

22 Nov

A Journey of Pearls

I've already written about journey diamonds, now some clever jewelry designer had the idea to use similar designs from the Journey collection and combine them with pearls.

What an excellent idea! You know my passion for pearls by now.

You can find all kinds of great jewelry designs using this take on the diamond Journey collection turned pearl journey on the web site.

Here are just a few I selected for you.

14K white gold cultured freshwater 7.5-8mm pearl and diamond
14K white gold earrings with graduating freshwater cultured pearls and diamond (.17 ctw) accent
14K yellow gold earrings with four graduating freshwater cultured pearls and diamond (.07 ctw) accents

Simon Alcantara’s Pearl Power

21 Oct

Simon Alcantara's Pearl Power

Simon Alcantara shows that you don't have to wear your grandmother's pearls all the time.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but with the wide selection of pearl shapes, textures, sizes, and colors, the jewelry design possibilities, as he so aptly shows us, are limitless.

First, a little about this talented jewelry designer: originally a ballet dancer, Alcantara started making jewelry as a young teen and selling it to all his little ballerina friends. Eventually, a severe injury changed his plans from becoming a famous ballet dancer into becoming a famous jewelry designer.

He is a self-taught artist and specializes in using natrual materials such as pearls (see his yummies below), natural stones, wood, and metals.


keshi pearls on gold wire


Both earrings – gray agat with pink Biwa pearls and 18kt gold

ryholite, citrine, keshi pearls, tiger-eye, 18kt gold

Pearl Addiction

15 Jul

Pearl Addiction

You already know about my addiction to pearls, so when I found this article about I had to go take a look.

A huge variety of freshwater pearl sets are available at Bridal Jewelry necklaces, bridal jewelry sets, Bridal Jewelry pearls set in silver, you can choose anything and any design from their website. You can also take advantage of their special discounts and offers like free shipping of freshwater pearl jewelry when your purchase is $75 or more. They will also give you the jewelry set in a beautifully decorated gift box, absolutely free. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee. With so many choices, they are surely going to steal away millions of heart.

Yes, their copy editing needs a little something, but I liked what I saw on their site in the pearl category.


Honor the Pearl

26 Jun

Honor the Pearl

I caught part of the Honora Pearl show on QVC the other night. I had forgotten what great pearl jewelry they have and how reasonably priced most of it is.

Honora also tends to pay attention to jewelry industry trends.

So, you can find anything from a classic pearl knotted necklace to a leather, silver, and pearl bracelet to a pair of silver and pearl hoop earrings.

I spend a little time on their web site and along with some interesting pearl facts, they have a nice slide show about pearl farming.

These days the majority of pearls are farmed, just like fish or potatoes are farmed. This is one reason prices have come down over the past few years.


You can find loads of Honora pearl jewelry to drool over both at the Honora web site as well as QVC's site. Here are few pick for you.





Beautiful Black Pearls

24 Jun

Beautiful Black Pearls

If you've read this blog for, what?, three minutes than you know what I thing I have for pearls.

Black pearls, especially, have a mysterious quality to them.

I recently discovered Black Moon Pearls. Along with lots and lots of beautiful pearl jewelry (I've picked a few pieces below), they have some wonderful information on the history, care, grading, and types of black pearls.


11.5MM Peacock Tahitian Pearl Pendant Slide w/0.62 Ct. diamonds, 18K White Gold


9.62MM Peacock Pearl Ring /0.12 Ct. Diamonds, 14K White Gold, Ring Size 6.75


Double Strand 8X9MM – 9X11MM Dark Gray Tahitian Pearl Bracelet 14K Clasp 7.5 in.

Singer, Jewel is Golden

24 May

Singer, Jewel is Golden

According to Speak Gold, singer / songwriter Jewel is in love….with the fashionable pearl and gold jewelry collection by designer Roberto Coin.

Jewel even had the designer make her an 18kt gold guitar strap.

I don't know…think that's over the top? Oh, why not, I guess.

The collection is called Perl' Amore, and well, let's just say Jewel is obviously not easy because this collection is gorgeous.

Pearl junkies like myself will especially enjoy this collection full of pearls (of course), gold (yes, I know, duh), and also lots of links (yes, more circles, told ya).





Pearls from Spain

21 May

Pearls from Spain

I've been surfing around ogling pearls again. I just can't help myself!

This time I discovered the Andrea Candela web site. Along with pearls and gemstones, they combine 18kt gold with sterling silver. From their web site:

It was in this same "Old World" tradition of quality and design that the Andrea Candela designer brand was created in 2004. Inspired by the beauty and heritage of Spain, Andrea Candela designed a magnificent collection of jewelry incorporating sterling silver, 18kt gold, exotic gemstones and fine quality diamonds. Immediately recognizable by the unique Armadillo finish and rope edge design trademarks, Andrea Candela has become one of the most successful new introductions in the jewelry industry. First introduced at Vicenza Oro in January 2005, Andrea Candela is sold exclusively in fine jewelry stores and upscale department stores world wide.

Here are some pieces from their Marbella Collection.


18k & Silver Multi Link 7 1/2" Bracelet w/ Pearl Stations and .06 tdw


18k & Silver Multi Link 24" Necklace w/ Pearls


18k & Silver Multi Link 7 1/2" Bracelet w/ Black Pearl Stations and .06 tdw

Too Many Pearls?

5 May

Too Many Pearls?

Is it possible to have too many pearls? I don't think so. Even this super-duper long strand of pearls – 100 inches no less – from Imperial are fine, thank you.

I'm sure I could think of something to do with them.

After you are done drooling over this fabulous pearl necklace, you may want to visit some of their other pearl jewelry collections.

They have three catalogs on line for three collections: freshwater pearls; Akoya pearls; and Tahitian pearls. They also have tons and tons of pearl information. Passionate pearls lovers will get a nice big pearl fix over there.



Wise Pearl Woman

27 Mar

Wise Pearl Woman

e-commerce is really tough these days, especially in the jewelry industry because there is so much competition. However, according to Biz, one woman has found great success creating her own on-line pearl jewelry store:

"Hundreds of years ago, the Australians believed pearls held supernatural powers. Houstonian Amanda Raab isn't sure about that; but she does posses a knack for selling the unshelled gems.

The daughter of two entrepreneurs, Raab sought a way to make extra money as a graduate student at The University of Texas. Researching the online fashion market, she stumbled upon an article about pearls. That planted the seed for her company,

"I knew starting this company that it needed to be something that I can be very passionate about, because I have this personality where I can get very distracted," Raab says. "I made the decision to sell pearls in the middle of night. The idea really pulled my heartstrings."

E-commerce site sells the precious gems for less than one-third of what they cost in a retail store, according to Raab. Because the company buys directly from pearl farms all over the world, Raab is able to maintain low margins, which she says are passed on to customers."

I visited and I have to say I was very impressed. Of course, I love (love, love) pearls, so I enjoyed looking at all the wonderful jewelry there, but I was also very impressed with all the great information she has available such as pearl farming, pearl care, and pearl history.

Here are few of my favorite jewelry items from the site:

9.5mm, AA+ quality Tahitian cufflinks are set in your choice of 14K solid gold or sterling silver. Bullet back closure.


The 8.5-9.0mm Akoya pearls on this 18-inch necklace are 'AA+' quality with extraordinary luster.