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Stack Rings for Spring

8 Apr

A stack ring designed to be worn with a number of other rings. Although each ring is separate, the overall appearance is of a larger, highly textured ring. Stack rings are a fantastic choice for people who want to vary their jewelry on a regular basis. They can be worn separately or in any order, giving you several different looks.

jewelry rings
Blue Topaz and Pearl Ring Trio
Radiant cultured pearls and shimmering topaz.
Or each ring stands on its own.
Sterling bands. Handmade.
Very affordable.
About Topaz
Topaz, symbol of love and affection, is one of nature's most wonderful gems. Topaz occurs not only in the transparent yellow, yellow brown, orange brown, and pinky brown colors most popularly associated with it, but it is also found in light to medium red, very light to light blue, very light green, light greenish yellow, violet, and colorless.

Stack rings are usually quite thin, so five or six rings can be worn together. They are typically set with gemstones, and the settings are either flush with the ring shank, so the stones don't knock against the other rings, or they are set slightly higher to allow the stone to overlap the other rings.

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Lori Bonn Alchemy Stack Rings
Platinum Quartz, Rose Gold Quartz, Gold Quartz, Sterling Silver.
These are doublet gemstones, which means they are made in two layers that are permanently bonded together either for a special look or for durability. These Gold, Rose Gold, and Platinum Quartz stones are made of a faceted dome of crystal quartz over a quartz base that has been coated with 22k gold, rose gold leaf, or platinum. The coating is completely protected, keeping it safe from everyday wear.

Whether you're looking for stackable gemstone rings or just thin elegant gold or silver bands, stackable rings offer many beautiful combinations for wearing multiple rings together. Stack rings are a lovely way to build a collection, and each ring can be highly personal. Wear a set of stack rings with the birthstones of your children, other family members, or friends.

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Sterling Silver Multigemstone Stack Rings
Eye-catching texture, captivating color, and creative form – this piece of art boasts a clever combination of lush gems set in polished sterling silver.
Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, White Topaz.
Four stackable rings with bezel-set gemstones.

Chunky Wire & Stone Rings

23 Nov

Chunky Wire & Stone Rings
Michelle Tamoush of has a lot of interesting jewelry on her site, but the rings I thought were really outstanding. Most are made with large gemstones and then wire wrapped with gold-filled wire to create the ring shank as well as secure and also add extra ornamentation to the stones. Along with gold-filled wire she also uses sterling silver wire and chains as part of her unique approach to hand-crafted jewelry.

Pictured above is a ring with a large amethyst nugget in the center. Below is one of her citrine rings and green grossular garnet and wire rings.

Gearing Up for October and Rings

21 Sep

Gearing Up for October and Rings

I've reported before about the push for right hand rings, as in buying your own darn diamond ring and putting it on your left hand versus waiting for Prince Charming to buy one for you. Now, plans to devote an entire month to this ring campaign. For the third year now, they are proclaiming October (which is just a few weeks away folks) as Ring Hand Ring Month:

In October 2006, comparable store sales of diamond Right Hand Rings increased by up to 105% compared to preceding months, as of result of the October Is Right Hand Ring Month campaign. Last year, the campaign attracted over 6.2 million people to

"The success of October Is Right Hand Ring Month underscores the importance of this market segment," said Ofer Azrielant, Chairman of "Consumers are looking for fashion-forward, high-quality diamond jewelry and clearly results from the previous promotions indicate that this is a market segment with great growth opportunities."

The program is supported by a series of print ads, retail promotions, and two online sweepstakes. The Diamond Promotion Service (DPS) is further underscoring the importance of the fashion diamond ring category with a series of promotional activities and national print and online campaigns. Print promotions include a four-page advertorial in glamour magazine which hits newsstands September 11th. The advertorial highlights 11 new Right Hand Ring styles that will be the featured prizes in's online sweepstakes at Suggested retail price points for the collection range from $349 to $1,599.

This year also includes the introduction of Glamour magazine's Make A Statement competition. The diamond Right Hand Ring celebrates a woman's unique radiance and independent spirit and Glamour wants to know what makes their readers a diamond Right Hand Ring woman. Readers are encouraged to submit their video statement through the Glamour website. The winning submission will receive a diamond Right Hand Ring.

I have no issues with this other than I think you shouldn't limit yourself to diamonds. I think you should get yourself a fabulous ring for your right hand, but it should be made from your favorite gemstones and metals. If you prefer rubies, for example, than pass on the diamond and go with a ruby.

Lyrical Silver

18 Aug

Lyrical Silver

The Lyric sterling silver jewelry collection by Frederick Goldman is full of all kinds of intricate details that suggest some carved the designs into the metal. Of course, that's not how they were made, but it's more than just filigree here. With the addition of oxidizing the metal, it makes the reliefs pop out of the jewelry piece. For example, pictures left is a ring with pink sapphires and 18kt gold accent.

This is the sort of sterling silver jewelry that you don't want to do too much cleaning to because you can end up taking off the dark oxidized areas and totally changing the look of the piece. They site suggests just using a polishing cloth to rub it down now and then.

Diamonds and Silver
Silver with Blue Topaz

Mokume Rings from Michael Daniels

31 Jul

Mokume Rings from Michael Daniels

If you've ever spend any time watching a jeweler at work, it is really amazing how they can turn a sheet of plane old metal into a fabulous piece of jewelry. Even some of the smallest pieces of jewelry, like a simple band ring, can take an amazing amount of time and craftsmanship to create.

Jewelry designer Michael Daniels has mastered the art of metalwork specializing in Mokume, which requires numerous layers of metal to be merged together and forged into – in his case – jewelry. He shows the entire process of making his gold and platinum Mokume rings, from cutting basic metal blanks all the way to final product on his web site. It's amazing to see how something like this pictred in the artist's hands turns into his wonderful rings.


Right Hand Rings

9 Jul

Right Hand Rings

I've seen this mentioned in a number of jewelry related media outlets lately. Just about every woman dreams of "the ring." You know. The ring that goes on that particular finger on your left hand. But, what about the right hand?

The jewelry industry is working hard to convince us gals that it's time to buy our own dream rings for the right hand. is one web site that is pushing this new trend in jewelry. The idea is really aimed at single women, especially professionals who can afford to buy their own diamond and ring and don't need to wait for Prince Charming to come along.

Pictured is a Floral 1/3 Carat TDW Diamond Right Hand Ring in 14K white from Helzberg. They also have a lot of other rings to suggest of course. Here are a few more that I thought might work for this.

This is another diamond and white gold ring from Zales.

And, for those who want a little yellow gold. Here's a ring with diamonds and both yellow and white gold.