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Looking Back at Fashion Week & the Jewelry

19 Sep

Looking Back at Fashion Week & the Jewelry

Of course, it's no big surprise that NYC Fashion Week was all about the clothes. But, as a jewelry junkie, I have to consider the jewelry as well.

I took some time to dig through the zillions of images on Flickr to get an idea of how jewelry was – or in many cases was not – represented last week.

These macho bangles are from the Alexandre Hercovitch show.

His prints and colors and general narrative was pretty far out there, so these bracelets I think worked with his show, though I don't see many of us sporting around multiple bangles of this size. However, maybe this could be a new way to lift weights?
Temperley seemed to follow the long necklace trend, which I found a lot of. If there were any necklaces, and many times there were just bare necks instead, but if there were necklaces, they were long.

vera wang seems to be figuring out the importance of jewelry now. Too bad it is hard to really get a good look at the jewelry in the photos I found. Many of the fabrics were dark, and it seems the jewelry sort of blends in with them. Perhaps in person, the affect is very different.

Light & Airy Jewelry for Summer

24 Jul

Light & Airy Jewelry for Summer

Debbie Kuo, of Kuo Ting Jewelry, has a new collection out which is currently only available at Courture

For this light and airy collection, Kuo turned to gold-plated whimsical pendants, Freshwater pearls, and semi-precious gemstones as her inspirational elements.

This sort of jewelry is perfect for these hot days of summer.

I think this Baroque pearl and pink sapphire necklace is my favorite of the bunch.
For those who like an Egyptian theme….
Feel like a fairy princess…
And, of course, you need some gold swag earrings to match. Notice how all of these pieces can easily be mixed and matched.

Beach Jewelry – In or Out?

24 Jul

Beach Jewelry - In or Out?

The July 30th issue of Life & Style magazine asks about jewelry at the beach:

SUMMER JEWELS?-At the beach, hilary duff wears an armful of bracelets, Beyoncé wears her gold jewelry, and Mariah Carey wears a dazzling necklace. Does jewelry belong at the beach? You decide! Jewelry with a swimsuit: Love it or Hate it?

I didn't include the photo of Hilary because she just looks awful (trashy even) and I think is showing a little too much of everything, the good, the bad, the let it all hang out. Yes, Mariah is as well, but it's not hanging out. I think considering her age and full-figure she's actually looking pretty good, and I like the necklace she's wearing. Now, Beyoncé, does this woman know how to look bad? She looks great and those gold earrings just pop.


Now, as someone who spend years soaking up skin cancer on the beach, I usually just work small earrings because you can end up with some weird tan lines otherwise. Plus, at least in Florida, it is sticky and hot down here at the beach unless you go in January or February. So, jewelry just would not be comfortable.

Some Charming Jewelry for Mom

8 May

Some Charming Jewelry for Mom

Looking for some jewelry for mom that is fun and connects to a hobby or profession she is involved in? Then charms may be the answer. I found some wonderful charm bracelets at Two Purple Pandas. You name the theme, and they pretty much seem to have a charm for it.

This bracelet, for example, is designed around the idea of beauty. Notice the little perfume bottles, combs, lip stick, and more in this pink and black colored charm bracelet. It is silver plated with enameled charms and accented the Czech glass beads.

Was mom a school teacher or still one today? Then here's a school themed bracelet.
Then, of course, there's the famous red hat society.

Summer Fun Jewelry

7 May

Summer Fun Jewelry

Summer is one the way, or at least, it already feels like summer down here in Florida where temperatures are already in the high 80s on most days. I know it is still technically spring, but that doesn't mean you can start thinking about your summer jewelry.

I spotted some fruity jewelry finds in my local Dillard's recently. These pieces are by Anna & Ava. The chains are just gold tone (not the real thing) but the fruit pendants are a bright mixture of colors, including sparkling crystals and what look like (at least) enamel. They sell on-line for $26.

If you like greens, which are still a hot color, then pick this pair pendant. Each necklace is about 15 inches long and includes a lobster claw clasp and 1 inch chain extender, so they should hit right about at the top part of most necklines.


Surfs Up for Jewelry

21 Apr

Surfs Up for Jewelry

Along with thinking of buying a new bathing suit (eekkk!) for this next summer season, what is much more fun is thinking about the jewelry you plan to wear this summer. Even if you can't fit into that itty bitty little yellow polka dot bikini, you can at least find some fun jewelry. One company called Stricky Boarding have jewelry as well as clothing and other accessories for the beach life. Pictured is Miss Transworld Surf winner, Jenna Putnam, wearing one of their jewelry designs:

Transworld SURF Magazine Swimsuit Model Contest winner Jenna Putnam is wearing the [Barrel Pendant] from Strickly Boarding in the centerfold pull-out poster in the Transworld SURF June Issue. Checkout a snapshot of the poster signing (here) along with some more info about Jenna, and be sure to pick up latest Issue of TWS for all the great content that Transworld SURF provides!

Here's a closer look at the necklace she's wearing, which is made of sterling silver (chain is extra…but not that much extra):