Jewelry Beader Gets Noticed by Oprah

20 Dec

I was flipping through the January 2006 issue of O magazine and saw that Oprah had a few short articles about women entrepreneurs. They were more like paragraphs than articles but inspiring none the less. One lucky beader managed to get included in this section, Pam Older, one of the many women who gave up corporate America to pursue her dream of designing jewelry.

I surfed around and found the Pam Older Designs website, even though there was no URL included in Oprah’s magazines (strange, no?). Beautiful beaded jewelry, full of briolettes and gemstones, though I was disappointed that there was no biographical information about the artist.

Here are a few of her designs:

” Signature Pendant Necklace: mandarin garnet and tourmaline, with silver pendant”


aqua Cluster Earrings: Our most popular earring is aqua chalcedony with baby pearl clusters.”


” Jewel Tone Bracelet: Beautiful handcrafted silver beads and jewels from the Far East.”


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One Response to “Jewelry Beader Gets Noticed by Oprah”

  1. pam older March 30, 2011 at 5:17 pm #

    You were so kind to mention my jewelry in Oprah magazine a few years ago! Since then, largely due to Oprah, Pam Older Designs jewelry has gone on to become a recognizable brand for beautiful hand crafted jewelry. My designs have been refined and my stone quality is the best- really
    Enhancing my handcafted earrings and necklaces I visited India in February and picked out all of the most beautiful stones!!

    I would love for you to look at my new designs!

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