Lulu Frost Jewelry

16 May

Lulu Frost Jewelry

Jewelry designer, Lulu Frost combines the old with the new in her Spring 2006 Collection.

Some of her pieces include old metal numbers from the Plaza Hotel, appropriately titled Plaza Number Necklaces.

She also uses watch pieces, compasses, and old shoe buckles.

This kind of mixed media – turning old trash into new treasure – is really a hot trend in jewelry these days.

Notice, too, that Frost includes lots of long link necklaces in her collection.

Antique Compass Earring

Plaza Number Necklace

Shoe Buckle Bracelet

You can buy Lulu Frost’s beautiful jewelry at Charm & Chain. The following is her one of a kind 100 years Necklace:

100 Years Necklace

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One Response to “Lulu Frost Jewelry”

  1. Jedediah Steen September 20, 2008 at 8:28 pm #

    Lulu Frost’s got it right. Very cool stuff. Eco-friendly/recycled jewelry is very popular right now.

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