Personalized Jewelry Creates Lasting Impressions

20 Aug

Personalized jewelry is any piece of jewelry (rings, charms, bracelets, pendants and necklaces, brooches and pins, earrings, cufflinks, tie bars, watches, etc.) created or customized with personal details which make it truly unique. Because the gift presented isn’t identical to any other item picked off the rack or shelf, the gift created a powerful, lasting impression. Because the gift is designed by you to meet specific individual requirements, your gift shows that you spent time to find that “just right” gift for the recipient.

Women, especially, appreciate the extra time and attention paid to the selecting and creating of gifts, and personalized jewelry fits that bill. But personalized jewelry isn’t just a “woman thing”; men, children, tweens, and teens also appreciate personalized jewelry.

The personalized jewelry spectrum runs from whimsical handcrafted pieces to fine jewelry pieces made by artisans. But many standard stock pieces of jewelry can be personalized with customization options such as nameplates, beads, charms, birthstones, and engravings.

Engraving, the process of cutting or carving words or a design onto jewelry, is a traditional favorite. The time-tested appeal of monogrammed jewelry dates back to as early as 350BC. A monogram technically is a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters, usually a person’s initials, into a design. Even though a series of uncombined initials is properly referred to as a cypher, many people use the term monogram to refer to any use of initials.

One of the most important decisions in buying monogrammed jewelry is the order of the initials. In a traditional three-letter monogram (or cypher), the initial of the individual’s surname (last name) set larger, or with some special treatment in the center; the initial of the first name sits to the left, and the initial of middle name sits to the right. (An example: For a person named Martin Robert Lewis, the cypher or monogram would appear as “MLR”, with the “L” being larger or otherwise more notable in decoration.)

No longer limited to the classic name on an ID bracelet or the inscription inside a wedding ring or upon the back of a watch, engraving options have grown tremendously. Engraving is now so much more than name, initials, and/or a date. Today’s engraving options include personalizing jewelry with personal messages, like a sentimental saying or special quote. Lockets and other pendants offer opportunities for the gift giver and recipient to exchange, keep, and carry secret messages. Couple’s rings offer permanent intimate whispers of love everlasting.

But there’s more to personalized jewelry  than monograms.

Nameplates, in which a person’s name is sculpted or formed of metal, are hot right now. Celebrity-watchers as well as fashion-plates love the nameplate jewelry trend.

Popular styles in personalized jewelry for moms are mother’s rings which include birthstone gemstones in honor of each of her children. Similarly, mother’s bracelets and family tree pendants incorporate charms, beads, and birthstones in honor of family members.

The technology today makes creating and buying personalized jewelry much easier, faster, and less expensive than years ago. Many online stores offer online engraving, gemstone selection, and design tools which let you see what you are ordering before it is even made. This greatly cuts down on errors which lead to embarrassment and dissatisfaction — and it typically shortens the length of creation time as well.

Personalized jewelry commemorates and celebrates people, occasions, and events — birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, retirements, holidays, and the like. But most of all, personalized jewelry commemorates and celebrates relationships. The extra time it takes to find and create personalized jewelry is nothing compared to the extended life of such gifts. Such gifts leave lasting impressions; personalized jewelry items are worn and appreciated, passed along in the family as heirlooms, and treasured forever.

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